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    Novak Jumpovic

    Good to see you back!
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    Federer fans (this is for all users here), do you wear his brands with pride?

    I am hoping for fed to come back and spank the young gens left down and right.
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    Admit it...

    Joe Biden
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    Things you miss that don't exist anymore?

    I miss my grandfather and my childhood. Those days were awesome way back in late 90s and early 00s.
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    The evental slam gap among big3 may not be close.

    On the contrary I can clearly see Djokovic and Nadal fizzling at 21-23 slams with fed being at 20-21. Winning slams are no child's play.
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    No one cares about Djokovic but I do miss Federer.
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    Peugeot will stop their partnership with Djokovic

    Weird that Russia and Novak will end up with same fate, outcast from society.
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    As a die heart Rafa fan I have a very dark concession to make !!!!

    First and foremost I am still over the moon that Rafa won AO 22, I have seen the highlights of the final for like 10 times. And yes, I am secretly hoping for one more miracle comeback from Federer. He deserves one more Wimbledon after all the heart breaks. I would be very happy if he can do...
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    Don't sleep on Kokkinakis

    I generally play with my Kokk before sleeping.
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    Its a digrace, its an scandal, its a outrage! - Part V

    Who the F cares? Roger is box office, as a Rafa fan I am enjoying fed play this year. Hope he wins his 21st slam.
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    Rafael Nadal :- The greatest tennis warrior of all time displaying his power

    Hey bud , Nice to meet you..I am also a die heart Rafa fan..I don't post much here, just enjoy the banter that goes on here..Don't take this place too seriously..