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    Pure Drive + currently in stock Bumper guards?

    We looked into it, and our stock of racquets appears to fully be the new grommet. Our grommet stock, however, is mixed between old and new. If you want to order grommets and make sure they get the new one, then I would suggest that you call our racquet specialists. 1.800.799.9230 Thanks...
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    Head Prime Pro overgrip

    HI @Lozannois - I haven't tried them yet, but I checked in with TW Europe and those Prime Pro overgrips will be coming soon toward the end of the month. Thanks, Tiffani, TW
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    Technifibre TF40 / Prince Phantom Pro 100P

    I like both racquets but they appeal to me for different reasons. The TF40 305 has a more direct feel as it offers up a firmer response. Somehow it also manages to feel smooth and I love the connection to the ball I have with it. The Phantom offers a more classic feel, is superbly comfortable...
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    Nike Winter "Heritage" Short?

    If you are referring to these shorts: Yes, you will have to order from TW Europe. Those shorts are not available in the US. Thanks, Tiffani, TW
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    New Federer DNA bag?

    GreenClay, Haven't heard anything official yet. We meet with Wilson in mid November and will have a better idea of their products launching around then. Thanks, Brittany, TW
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    A question about Andy

    @TennisManiac If you take a listen, you'll find out :) we talk about his current racquet of choice and if he still has a chance to playtest!
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    TW 25x1.5mm leather grips discontinued?

    It looks like Georgia is expecting them Nov. 4. Thanks, Tiffani, TW
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    012 | Cameron Norrie: Going Pro & The Reality of Traveling on ATP Tour Cameron Norrie, one of the rising stars on the ATP, joins us from China to chat about the ups and downs of life on tour. He gives us insights on his success at the college level, the best and...
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    Best 18x20 Racquets of 2019 (& Some Oldies Too).

    @haqq777, It was mostly just an easy fix, with the shrink sleeve, and a leather grip on top of that, because I used one of the playtest samples that Wilson provided us that were 4 1/4 or grip size #2. I wanted to build the handle up one size, as well as add weight, so that was a quick fix. With...
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    Wilson Prostaff question

    We haven't heard anything official yet. However, we will be meeting with them in mid November so we should have a better idea then. Thanks, Brittany, TW
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    TW 25x1.5mm leather grips discontinued?

    taylor15, Check now! :p Thanks, Brittany, TW
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    Luxilon Gut 1.30 string database

    aaron_h27, I will pass along your request to the TW Professor. Thanks, Brittany, TW
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    Disconnect between TW Sales side and TW Univeristy

    @sbmackie - It's not an article on its own, but Headsize and Power is a section in the article here: Scroll to the very bottom of the article to read that section. Thanks, Tiffani, TW
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    Prokennex Ki Q+ Tour (300g)

    Hello BHold81, You are correct, the 2019 version is a cosmetic update. We got 63RA for the 2018 version. Hope this helps, Jon
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    011 | Catching up with One of Your Favorite TW Playtester's, Andy Gerst

    Hah! Yessss! Try that Trader Joe's ice cream sandwich and report back to us ;) :P