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    Wanted: K/Blx Blade 98 18x20 Bumperguard/Grommet

    Looking for K/Blx Blade 98 18x20 Bumperguard/Grommet yuchen418555688 at h0tma1i dot cmo
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    Any news on the new Wilson Blade?

    The last version has been released over two years ago, shouldn't there be a new one this year?
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    Great racquet buying experience from LITennisJD

    Great communication, fast shipping, and the condition of the racquet is exactly as what he described.
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    Nike Summer 2019

    Are there still RF match clothes?
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    Muhahahaa... Nike wont give Rodge his Logo

    Why on Nike's website, there is still a category name Roger Federer? Is Nike still allow to use his name?
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    Nike Winter 2018

    Do you know if there is anymore after this one?
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    Nike Winter 2018

    Is there anymore Federer clothes ?
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    Nike Fall 2018

    Anyone know will there be more Nike Federer match clothes this year? Are the two polos with the big V the final RF gear?
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    How frequently should insoles be replaced?

    I replace it when I feel like the comfort is gone, which is around 4 to 6 months.
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    How do you junkball a 5.0 basher?

    Get to 7.0, and you will beat a 5.0 with any junk ball easily.
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    Can anyone translate?

    Find something to turn all of them to text, and Google translate.
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    FS Klippermate Stringing Machine

    Item Description: Klippermate Stringing Machine Quantity:1 Condition (x out of 10): 7/10 *Specific Time Used : Purchased it about 6 years ago. *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): It is working well, I have strung probably around 200 racquets on it. Price: 100shipped...
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    Nike Cage 3

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    Nike Cage 3

    My 5 weeks old cage 3 cracked again.
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    is this a different paint job , or a newer edition. What else has changed?