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    Most difficult racquets to use

    This works well for me. RF97 with lead at 3 and 9. Hits harder with less effort. Serves be a poppin'. The mass keeps your arm strong.
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    I'm starting a racquet company - how would you design your perfect racquet?

    No one on here understands the engineering behind rackets. You're asking the wrong people.
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    Help determining a fake

    Just return it via e Bay.
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    Can you point me to a scientific study proving poly strings has advantages?

    I don't have to adjust my strings anymore, with poly on.
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    The RF collection. by Rackets, on Flickr
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    The RF collection on Flickr
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    Too tall for 'powerful' rackets?

    Isner is like 6' 7" and uses a powerful racket. You have to know how to use your weapon. The taller you are, the more forward your ball toss has to be. You're essentially slam dunking the ball. Hit down and forward. Here's an exercise, see how short you can serve the ball. In by how many feet...
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    Racquet reco for tennis elbow

    It's cheaper to buy natural gut than to see a doctor. Avoid big vibration dampeners, because the bigger they are, the more firm the string bed. Hitting the frame and off-centered shots is how I injure myself. 600mg of ibuprofen is all you need for tennis elbow. Switching to a lighter...
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    Does adding weight in handle add power?

    Have you heard about the new mid-engine RF?
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    Racquet recommendation for more power coming from blade 98

    I'm in my late 30's, trying to return to my 16 year old self. I'm taking a different strategy from finding a more powerful racket. Instead, I took the RF97 and added 4 long strips of lead, along the white portion of 3 and 9 o'clock. I'm also spending more time at the gym, to regain my strength...
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    Wilson RF97A

    Communication via blog sites can be difficult. I'm trying to imagine what a rattle sounds like. Like a shaker? Macarena? High pitch? low pitch? I get a thud when I frame it. Rattles suggest a loose piece, like a butt cap.
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    Wilson RF97A

    I have the Laver RF. No rattle. It pings because I stopped using a vibration dampener. Gut/poly. The older the string, the more the ping. If there's a loose piece inside, then you should be able to shake the racket and it'll make a sound.
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    RF97 vs Blade v7

    Ground strokes, Blade hits harder with less effort. Not quite a spin monster but adequate. Balls tend to not clear the net as much and land deeper. RF gets more action, and you can get the ball to dip more. The ball path/arc is completely different with each racket. RF serves faster and the...
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    Does adding weight in handle add power?

    It does add power. The center of mass drops lower, but it does hit harder. I have 6 RF's in my bag. Two have silicone in the handle. Everything else same. Serves harder for sure.
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    A girl who's got a 0/10 character and 10/10 looks - what would you do?

    That looks like a selfie. Wouldn't go to him. You also need an MD to be a psychiatrist in the US. There's like, a 100% chance she'll turn psycho if you bang her and flee. No bang is worth that. Also, there's a 90% chance she has herpes. Not making up that number. 90% of the population has it.