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    Strung racket, wrong grommet hole..

    1. Ok, not probs. 2. Thumbs Up 3. There are plenty of wrong videos on how to string, probably more than there are right. I'd suggest actually taking a course, and have someone guide/teach you. Where are you in the UK? I'm based near the South Coast. 4. Fair point, especially as you were given...
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    Strung racket, wrong grommet hole..

    1. Why are you a muppet for stringing it 2 piece? It would seem that you have limited stringing experience, and therefore I'd recommend; and I teach people to learn to string 2 piece only. 2. If, as @Irvin has said, if the crosses are not sitting in the groove then you'd need to start them...
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    Babolat Racket Station Clamp enquiry

    Id clean using the usual toothbrush method. As for one opening further than another @Babolat Official may have some insight; or contact your local distributor
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    Spin potential

    String X's lower than the M's, so that it will allow the M's to move more and help generate the spin
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    Why would Dominic Thiem switch from the pure strike 1st gen to 3rd gen, skipped widely loved 2nd gen?

    Unless his new frame is now 27.25", the previous one was a standard 27"
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    Babolat star 5 or sensor clamps

    Sensor Clamps are teh same as Star 5 clamps. They're interchangable. FYI, those clamps will also fit of the newer Racket station machines
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    On a flight to JFK

    @cluckcluck Enjoy your 1st GS Experience, although I suspect that you won't until you've finished your stint and look back at everything. Paul
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    On a flight to JFK

    He's been using Intellitour all the time. No change to his long standing set-up
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    Stringing machines in the UK - who, what?

    Welcome fellow UK-lander If you want cheap, look for a racquet depot. If you want a quality machine, and quality support contact Apollo Leisure who sell Gamma, Head, Dunlop, Babolat, and sometimes used machines if you want a Wilson, or Prince search for Framework Still looking for cheap, try...
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    Kyle Edmund Stringing specs

    Dan Evans uses gut; Any Murray uses gut; Jamie Murray uses gut; Jo Konta uses gut; Katie Boulter uses gut - all Brits
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    Kyle Edmund Stringing specs

    Haha, my bad. Must be getting old. Could have sworn it as NG when I strung for her. Clearly it wasn't
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    Kyle Edmund Stringing specs

    That's a good questions No, she used Pro Hurricane and Natural Gut
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    A confused and lost noob stringer aka OP

    The protocol I encourage is to tie the poly to the poly on a gut/poly hybrid. The other way around doesn't matter. So I dont have a mains to mains; crosses to crosses standard. However, If I come across a rqt thats been strung by P1, I follow their decision even if its a pol/gut hybrid as shown...