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    Can Medvedev actually win the title now?

    If Medvedev will face Nadal in the final, he has about 0% chance to win.
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    Reasonable swingweight?

    It depends on players strength and technique. If your game rely on high RHS and your forehand swing path is low to high, you don't want to use high SW racquet.
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    Reasonable swingweight?

    Preffered SW depends mainly on player stregth and technique. My prefferedd range is 315-325. If racquet is well constructed and balanced, 320 SW is enough for good stability even when facing big hitters.
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    Prince O3 Tour 100 (290g)

    Warrior 100 have 19 crosses and 8 mains through neck too, so string patterns should be fairly similar.
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    Prince O3 Tour 100 (290g)

    I'm really interested in Prince O3 Tour 100 (310g). Currently playing with Prince Warrior 100, but i would certainly prefer thinner beam and more HL balance of O3 Tour 100. I would like to see some reviews of this model because i can not demo it in my region.
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    O-ports vs. Parallel drilling

    Some older Prince frames had interchangable grommets, so one could mix up port and hole grommets. On my Speedport Black, I really liked hole grommets at 3 & 9 and port grommet at 12. With this setup racquet was a bit less lively (better control), but still had great comfort and spin.
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    O-ports vs. Parallel drilling

    Beast 03 100 is updated ismilar type of racquet as was O3 White.
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    O-ports vs. Parallel drilling

    I actually really like comfy feel of O port racquets and it is main reason i play with them and they have bigger sweet spot too.
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    Does anyone play a power game with Pure Drive and non-Poly ?

    Hi, I can suggest combination which really work for me. U can use Prince O port racquet with low powered control string at low/mid tension. (in my case Prince Warrior 100 with Yonex poly tour spin). You get great comfort and big sweetspot from O ports, while still maitaing great control from...
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    How to reduce server dominance part CXII

    Simplest way to make servers less dominant is make serveice box about 5cm shorter.
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    I'm very scared for Fed's wimbledon's prospects...

    Because Federer fan would never ever admit Peak Rafa/Djoker > Peak Fed.
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    Yonex Polytour Fan Club

    I did not tried this hybrid, but full bed of YPTP 120 (46/42 lbs) is pretty good. I do not think YTPS is good match for Tour G 310. It is really good for tweener type of racquet though.
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    If nadal fails to win French open this year and federer wins wimbledon and/or Us open, then?........

    Are you joking ? Slam race is already over for a some time now.
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    Yonex grip sizing

    I have Yonex Vcore 97 Tour grip size 2 and it feels like grip size 3 from other manufacturers. So yes Yonex grips are bigger.
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    04 Agassi vs. 17 Fed?

    04 Agassi would not make it to quarters.