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    Why is nobody talking about Jack Sock?

    Who's Jack Sock? I've heard of Jack Saahk.
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    Which ESPN commentary do you prefer?

    Ideally, it would be best with only one commentator. The conversation is supposed to be with the viewer not between themselves. ESPN2 is especially **** because they chit chat amongst three or sometimes four guys, usually it's nothing to do with the match. In this instance, I'll go with the...
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    Dolgopolov Hair

    The more appropriate question should be...what happened to his face?
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    Federer's streak of 23 semis

    it will also happen an infinite number of times.
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    before serving

    The solution to speeding up the game is solved by two other reasons not ball bouncing. Eliminate towelling off after every point, 90% of the time this is because of habit rather than sweat. (Anyone ever watch Rusedski for this?). Also eliminate choosing balls, asking for five balls and tossing...
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    Nalbandian anyone?

    Commentators thought that Fat Dave was looking thin yesterday.
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    The serve is apparently useless in the women's game.

    I'm just shocked Azarenka has been stretchered out yet. It's 30 degrees.
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    The serve is apparently useless in the women's game.

    I'm just praying for someone to win as fast as possible so the Federer match can come on at a reasonable time.
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    Serena's ankle/leg?

    why does no one mention age in the women's game? The woman is old.
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    Nalbandian-Isner match umpire: Is he still alive?

    The a$$hole's name is Kader Nouni
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    Australian open streaming?

    Australian Open streaming only works in America lol
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    America's future; Jack Sock?

    Now I have to listen to the americans say 'Sahk' for the next decade.