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    Andreev's Massive Forehand

    Everyone and the dog seem to hit many more winners than usual against Roddick.
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    Whats the future for Richard Gasquet?

    Come on, Gasquet volleys significantly better than Djokovic.
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    Russian captain selects Safin over Davy??

    What are you guys talking about? Aren´t you aware that Davy stinks (bad) when playing Davis Cup? If I were the captain I wouldn´t play him again ever. Though I am not the captain (thank god I am not a polar bear)
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    Who has the best backhand??

    Nalbandian´s backhand is a joy to watch when it is on, but I wouldn´t say it is more consistent than Gasquet´s. Gasquet has such confidence in his backhand it seems like the planets have to align for him to make an unforced error on that wing.
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    French Open... The Dark Horses.

    I think it is about time Andreev gets his act together, no better place for that than the french open.
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    gasquet is unbelievably over rated

    Gasquet´s volleys are top 5 easy right now.
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    Best serve of all time?

    If we are talking just about serve efficiency, Arthurs´ one impresses me the most. An incredibly efficient motion, unreturnable half the times.
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    The future of tennis: Roval??

    I quite liked the idea until I read the proposed scoring system. That just sucks too much, no need to explain really. I hope... Court is cool though, I could see an expo being played there no prob
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    Worst Pro Forehand?

    ...I hope your kidding :( He certainly isn´t number 6 for his inconsistent, attackable backhand and bad volleys. Robredo´s is one of the top10 forehands in the game.
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    haas or stich?
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    Schalken definately Quits

    I watched Schalken play live and all his shots went like 2 cms above the net, so flat and nice. Very stylish player.
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    Sony Ericsson Open 2007: Paul-Henri Mathieu v Andy Murray

    No kidding, how many times has he pulled the same sh1t?
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    Sony Ericsson Open 2007: Paul-Henri Mathieu v Andy Murray

    Jeezz, is there was a ranking for chokers, Mathieu would be 1st.