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    Is Federer's best tennis still ahead of him?

    When Fed does start to slow down, he we revert to the serve and volley and still win championships.
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    Andy Roddick's weaknesses

    Roddick has improved his game in terms of depth of shot. The problem is that he has stopped being aggressive now that he has some depth and can stay in rallies longer. Because he has success against lower rank opponents by keeping the ball deep and in play, he thinks he can do it against the...
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    Where has this Andy Roddick gone?!

    I would rather play against Roddick 04 - especially that backhand. It rarely passed the service line. I don't care how hard you hit it, a low service line striking backhand is never a threat to a good baseliner-- it gives you pleanty of time to set your feet and wait for the ball to reach...
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    Where has this Andy Roddick gone?!

    I would argue that Andy has improved his strokes since 2004 but because of this improvement he's slowed down. In 2004 the lack of depth in his shots made footspeed a priority since it was easy for his opponents to setup and stay on offense. There is much more depth to his shots now, which makes...
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    ProKennex Redondo Mid vs. Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine Mid

    Break, Holy crap man!!! Please demo the redondo so I don't have to tell keep telling you to demo the redondo. Enjoy the weekend Me
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    200g (mac racket) specs-- Vantage

    People. Can Vantage match the specs of the 200g (mac racket)? If so, what are the specs. Even if they cant, I still would like to see the specs. Me
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    PK Redondo Players

    Just wondering if you guys are still having problems with your backand slices floating?
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    3 weeks and counting for my Redondo 98"

    I use the 93 and it is the easiest racket ever with which to return. As long as you get turned and stay smooth you can hit return the ball low and at most any angle. I hit passing shots on service returns while playing doubles much more now than when I used the Maxply Mcenroe. This racket...
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    Should Pro's go back to smaller heads as a regulation?

    I wonder what career Agassi (who I hold in the highest regard) would have had with a headsize restriction. Andre would have been even better. He could have stepped even further in the court to take the ball. His return of serve winners would increase dramatically; he'd be able to get the...
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    3 weeks and counting for my Redondo 98"

    PK didn't think the frame would be this popular so they only made 100 of each grip size. The big run is being produced currenlty. Me
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    PK Redondo 93" users... string tension

    I string mine at 52 with Gut.
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    My impressions from demoing Redondo 98, POGOS, Pro 7g, C10 Pro

    Dudes, In order to keep your backhand slice from floating, get out in front and hit through the ball more (close the racket face more than usual) -- Hi to Low. It's prob been a long time since you have hit a slice this way-- the PK redondo calls for a standard slice.
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    Paint EVERYWHERE!!

    I don't know what to tell you other than..... YOU'RE SCREWED!!!
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    Even You Can Volley Like Roddick.

    I think I need to say sorry to Andy for mocking his volley. Who would a thought he'd figure out how to hit a stinking volley... Me
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    Which of these two racquets has the best: power, control, comfort, feel and spin?

    The maxply is a great racket in terms of solid feel. The problem is the beam is too thick making it too stiff for an even balance. Balls fly off this racket when serving, making it hard to keep flat serves in. Also without the flex, its hard to judge what the racket is going to do each time...