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    Serve speed based more on strength or technique?

    I found that when I went directly into the serve form to learn the components, it was almost impossible for me. Why? That's just too many things involved, the body is too imbalanced for you to pick up other things, the toss has its own timing, etc.. all of these trigger wrong stuff. So I stayed...
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    tips for getting shoulder tilt on serve?

    The serve is very difficult to figure out. I've been at tennis for over 10 years and there's been so many times I thought I have it figured out but I got disappointment. Luckily I approach this with fascination and never give up. Yesterday I have figured out the leverage in the arm. I...
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    Can you adapt to a new/different racket?

    Hey that's a good racket! I would love to have your "power problem". When I am losing it's usually that I can't swing a darn to get the ball deep, topspinned and penetration. Btw, I play with almost your specs, except it's a 2008 Bab APDC, taped up to be 332 grams. Same string pattern and...
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    Serve speed based more on strength or technique?

    The serve is sooooo freaking harddd!! I kept working and working and working on it. Watched so many videos and did so much thinking and practicing (by my standard :)). Last evening, I believe I have cracked the action of the arm part. I can finally feel the leverage of the arm action now...
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    Do you call a footfault

    What you deem social may be completely not social to other people. For instance, I wish my weekend players would be more friendly and social but chance of that. I played league matches in the past thinking it was for socializing, eg meeting people, fun, whatever one typically thinks of...
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    Do you call a footfault

    I guess we were talking about different things. Moving on.
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    is this serve in?

    It's freaking IN. I think I have strained my neck.
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    To Get Better At Singles, Play More Doubles...

    Agreed. I know many people at my courts who have played doubles for all their life but don't know how to play singles. They would probably lose to a 3.0 singles player.
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    Do you call a footfault

    Well, you can demonstrate your understanding to me by explaining how you would effectively address what I said in post #31 and "what if we called foot faults there would be almost no one left to play with [in the case they don't agree with your call]"?
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    Serve speed based more on strength or technique?

    Good video. After being starstruck, I'd probably feel depressed being next to Raonic. Here's a dude somehow born a giant and able to travel worldwide and make millions. Look at me I'm a pathetic little guy that nobody knows. ...
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    The #1 Way To Objectively MEASURE Progress In Tennis?...

    If a player keeps getting farther and farther into tournaments (or achievements) and feel great doing it, what else does he need?
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    *Recreational* Doubles Strategies and Behaviors

    You know it's a lot easier to read a ball in flight than to read someone's eyes, right?
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    any tips on how to get higher rpm's on forehand?

    Obviously, I don't know and don't need to know how to juggle the useless 4 pin game either.
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    any tips on how to get higher rpm's on forehand?

    I think you'll likely fall if you do the closed stance for this. Your legs will be twisted together like a red liquorice.