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    Tennis shoe can prevent an ankle roll ? I call BS.

    Someone mentioned the slight flared edge on the 2.3 and that is the perfect example of a shoe built to combat rolls, bigshots and barricades are other great examples of the wide firm base built to help a tennis player. Someone also mentioned the level of player and how that correlates to the...

    Going to try the 2 day / 5 day fasting diet

    IF is good for trimming off fat, I noticed some leaning out but not much actual weight loss. I liked IF but like eating like a bro a lot more and believe whole heatedly that if you wanna perform at your best you need to be getting in food throughout the day. Still might throw in IF a week or 2...

    Going to try the 2 day / 5 day fasting diet

    Glad somebody could give a good perspective on IF! While I've used it, I don't believe I have ever done it in long enough stints to give a solid opinion. The guys that use it year round that got me to try it change up the times they eat and their actual diet (low carb, bulk, etc.) that works for...

    How to lose weight the right way?

    If you have access to a gym or weights, lifting will help to remold your body over time. Of course diet is a monumental part of getting into shape, eat lean meats, veggies, some fruit, and a solid carb (sweet potato, multi grain rice are my go-to) plus drink lots of good ol' water! Control carbs...

    Ideal Weight for My Body?

    You guys are light! I just weighed myself and Im sitting at 175.5 (huuuuuge difference from my home scale lol) at 6'0.5"

    Standstill's and my fitness program

    This'll work... If you do it once a week. Pro X-Fit guys don't do that much in a day.

    Going to try the 2 day / 5 day fasting diet

    Why not do intermittent fasting? 2/5 seems very overboard... I hear lots of good from people at the gyms I go to about IF. A few VERY cut and big dudes i know like using IF to stay lean year round, I've personally tried IF in the off season a year ago and leaned out (dropped a few lbs too) but...

    Strangest tip to increase weightlifting

    LOLOL That's crazy brah! I was told the same thing about porn and raising test levels, but never have I been told about combining not finishing and working out though HAHAHA awesome!

    Football player turned tennis player

    Yeah, I didn't really want to lose weight (although it helped) but just by dropping my lifting weight I lost. If OP simply drops his weight on his lifting and eats right, he'll lose weight! Could jump on a test and metabolism booster too, drop all kinds of weight.

    Football player turned tennis player

    I played highschool ball and highschool tennis, decided to go totally to tennis junior year. Now I was never heavy (didn't play those positions) and was fairly lean so my transition was easy. I didn't have to lose much weight at all but I did decrease my lifting weight on everything and went for...

    How to increase stamina of my muscles?

    Your right about that, can be expensive... But I'd definitely say go with body weight squats and it's variations over db squats, jump squat is great and you can add in a med ball too. If you want more weight without using a barbell, I'd suggest kettle bells!

    How to increase stamina of my muscles?

    ^^^ Just to note, stay away from dumbbell squats. Real dangerous, easy to come up slightly uneven and tweak the back. Squats should be done with a barbell.

    Overheads at the net person

    Well as long as your not consciously aiming for the net man, your in the green IMO. If it just goes in their general direction they shouldn't get all pissy but if you actually pop one make sure your apology is sincere! Generally at higher levels both players will high tail it back so up the...

    How to increase stamina of my muscles?

    To increase muscle stamina lift weights. Lower weight and high reps, go to failure each set for 3-4 sets per exercise (4-5 for leg movements). Legs are huuuuuge for tennis, leg press, hack squat, and conventional squat are all exercises to do. On legs aim to be as explosive as possible and go...

    'New' KT Tape Pro

    I dunno, maybe you are putting it on wrong or perhaps not in the best way. When I put KT pro on myself it will sometimes come off after a few (4-6) days but every time I've had it applied by a trainer it's stayed on til I took it off. Just to note, I've used it primarily on my hip flexor and...