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    Who is Rafael Nadal's greatest rival?

    Definitely Federer. His rivalry with Nadal always made a bigger impact and bigger media attention. Also it was very historic, intriguing and everyone was glued to their TV. Unfortunately with Djokovic he doesn’t have the popularity and appeal of Fedal, so when he played them it was interesting...
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    2020 no1 - points and fairness

    I think that it’s clear that Djokovic is manipulating the rankings with what he did with Vienna and Paris and even though it hurts me to say this I think if he had any integrity he would retire from Tennis right now.
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    Players just not that into it?

    I agree... Federer in his sleep is better and more engaged than 90% of these players...
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    Those were the days

    Djokovic looks mean and has a bad attitude in the picture. 8-B
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    Shameful display by Shapovalov

    FAA and also Raonic are more professional and nicer than Shapovalov. Shapovalov has a bad temper and attitude problems.
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    Slam Records are Garbage

    Murray has a great clay record. No it is not a weak era all the players that I mention could win RG in any other era. Nadal has just been too strong that’s all.
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    Slam Records are Garbage

    He won throughout the years over the likes of Federer, Djokovic and Thiem, 3 amazing clay court players. :unsure: Also players like Wawrinka, Murray, Soderling, Ferrer, etc. are great clay court players too. :unsure: And this year many were picking Djokovic, Thiem, Schwartzman, Zverev...
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    Federer's Biggest Career Mistake as reviewed in 2020

    I would say the first one is sticking with Edberg (2013-2015) for too long. :unsure: Also it seems that switching to Uniqlo (2018+) wasn't good luck. :unsure: But I voted for "No mistakes - he's peRFect, genius GOAT sexiRogi". You can't argue with 20 slams. :cool:
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    Vienna: The Real US Open

    Vienna is not the real USO with both Nadal and Tsitsipas out. I am the USO so I know what I'm talking about. The real USO will be Paris Masters even without Djokovic because he hasn't passed the 4th round of the USO in years.
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    2020 no1 - points and fairness

    Djokovic is at a big advantage compared to someone like Nadal because Djokovic doesn't really believe in the pandemic and even did the whole Adria Tour and was careless doing parties, so of course he would play more tournaments and make more points, while many other players are careful and...
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    The Wimbledon

    Beating prime Federer is better than beating old Federer.
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    Djokovic doesn't even have two Olympic Medals

    Twice beaten by:
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    Vienna: The Real US Open

    Nadal has arguably been the best USO player in the past decade so how can the Vienna Open be the Real USO without him playing? :unsure: