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    I have to admit

    Rafa won the Madrid Masters in 2005 when it was played indoors. He defeated Ivan Ljubicic 3–6, 2–6, 6–4, 6–3, 7–6(7–3). It was a huge win for him before an enthusiatic Spanish crowd.
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    The #TeamRafa Celebration Thread

    Well done, Rafa! 13 and counting . . . .
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    Do you consider Nadal a Tier 1 great?

    On clay, Rafa is the best ever. Hard to seriously debate that one. Where he ends up in the scheme of things is still up in the air. He has had success on other surfaces, and has a career slam. Not too shabby. Definitely the best Spanish player ever. Look forward to the next chapters in...
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    Do you consider Nadal a Tier 1 great?

    I previously worked on a Rafter site and then co-started a Roddick fan site. This was back when official sites for players were not common and were not updated much. When I saw that Rafa as a 16 year old got to the third round of Monte Carlo, beating RG winner Al Costa in the process, I knew...
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    Do you consider Nadal a Tier 1 great?

    Lol. Yes, I did. And I did a fan site for him that later merged into his official site. Many moons ago. I was lucky to see him play, and even win events, back in the day. But I curtailed my tennis travels in favor of destination marathons and half marathons. I am a better runner than tennis...
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    Do you consider Nadal a Tier 1 great?

    I have not posted in ages, not since 2010, I believe. I am so glad to see Rafa fulfilling the promise so many of us saw when he was a teenager. Back then many thought he would be a Michael Chang or Thomas Muster at best. I did not think he would have the career he has had to date, but I knew...
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    Interesting Article "Why I Don’t Like to See Nadal At #1"

    This thread was somewhat interesting until it got hijacked about 10 pages ago. IMO, personal attacks are pointless, tedious to read and detract from the overall discussion. Guess I'll go back to the Nadal haircut thread for a more substantive discussion.
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    Interesting Article "Why I Don’t Like to See Nadal At #1"

    This is another example of how Nadal's game is vastly underrated, Rafa is already considered the best claycourt player of all time -- at age 22. He holds a number of records and if he stays healthy, he is sure to earn more. He's no ordinary player, and to complain that he doesn't win the...
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    Why Does Nadal Have More Masters' Shields Than Federer?

    It wasn't much more than two years ago that folks here were predicting Rafa would have a Chang-like career or, at best, be on par with Muster. Now, many are saying he's the greatest player ever on clay and one of the best in history. He's been smashing records virtually since he came on tour...
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    When will Nadal's game crack(age)?

    You are absolutely right. Five years ago, folks said he would be done before now. He has made a lot of adjustments to his game over those years. He gets more free points off his serve and he is able to finish points more quickly than in the past. He still relies a lot on his legs and his...
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    Nadal is the best...right now

    Rafa is the best right now. But after Fed's dominance for so many years, I think no one is ready to count him out. I think Rafa is very well liked world-wide. I was at IW, and the crowd was pretty split over Rafa and Roddick. They definitely were for Rafa in the final, and I think there...
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    Is there a reason to watch the French when u know whos gonna win?

    This is the way it was with Fed for a number years. Clay was the one time when you thought you might see a different winner. So, the tides are changing . . . .
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    Federer's Pick for Next No. 1 . . . .

    Okay, folks, I thought I'd bump this to the front of the line. ;-) I used to be more involved in tennis than I am now, but in reviewing some new threads, it got me nostalgic for the old. Please indulge me. I really swam against the tide here with Rafa for many years. It's nice to see...
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    The former pros don't like to admit how good Nadal is

    I don't visit here enough these days to know if you are normally this uncouth. But to take an athlete such as Nadal and compare him to someone who cannot walk is just wrong. We can debate political correctness day and night, but there's nothing to debate with that comparison. Go ahead and...
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    The former pros don't like to admit how good Nadal is

    And this is exactly what folks here have been predicting (or perhaps hoping) since Nadal started his career. And you don't think Nadal is making adjustments now that he is No. 1? You don't think Uncle Toni and others are "on" to this theory? If so, you aren't giving them enough...