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  • The kids are whining and correcting my grammar now. Now I've got the #EugnieArmy stalking me in the General Forum. They seem upset since #CanadianTennis has fallen off the map in #2015. Bless their hearts. I told them that means #CarlingBassett-Seguso is still the Queen. They didn't like that at all. #GirlBye
    Angie, I just posted a link of Serena's "I Win" rap that has it playing over video of her cripwalking at the Olympics. Heads should begin exploding in GPPD. The thread is called something like: Alert! Weird Thread. Songs With tennis Players names in them.
    Angie I wasn't throwing shade at you. It was a backdoor swat at the annoying Sharapova fans (you know who).
    That's really funny! Heads must have been exploding that day. I wonder if he has a #stampbook?
    Lol! Glad you're back. I still haven't been banned. I need to live more. If you read my "delete post"s you would be proud. #MadeToThrowShade
    LOL. I thought Mr. Lob had opened the can of whoop ***, angieb. All in fun. No hard feelings I hope. I'm sure we'll scrap again in the future. We'll just have to do so when vanhool is offline... it upsets him so. :)
    The #kids are real upset with me today. Found this and find it apropos.

    There was so much knee-jerk reaction to #Novaks win, it killed the server to the new forums.
    Although I never believed she would die- she had beaten cancer so often I was convinced she would again.
    Its come as a huge shock to many in our circle as she only told 2 of us and she adamantly refused for any one else to know- although I did convince her to let me tell someone she had been very close to who lived near her parents. She reluctantly agreed but said friend provided incredible support that I know Gillian was really happy she'd relented.
    I was only irritated by the sdl guy because of his insensitivity - and that says more about him than me- I think he thinks he's worked a mini coup which is amusing as I found it a chore. That said, my only goal is to stay in front of him in the rankings- petty but gratifying!
    Boozyieu seems a really decent sort and is doing a great job so that's much more important.
    Have a great Sunday.
    Thank you. Its been really hard- childhood friend that I also went to university with and remained close to. Its doubly hard as Gillian was a force of nature- full of life. She could exhaust you within 15mins such was her vitality. And so so bossy! But kind, so kind. I just wish she were here still to tell me how I should be living my life! The 'celebration' for her life is the week after next- quite a long wait- but people are travelling from all over the world to attend. So I will be travelling to England again to attend, and also read, which I am dreading but I know Gillian would expect and therefore my dread is nothing compared to honouring my friend. I take solace that I got to say goodbye as I went to see her recently- she had returned from living in Hong Kong for years to die in her parents family home in England.
    Hi vanhool and Angieb. Two out of my three best, and only, friends here on TTW. How's it going? Don't know why I have a private conversation between you and angieb on my screen, but I do. Oops.
    My husband put TapTalk on my phone, but the screen is small and I would rather use my large computer screen to participate here. Good luck with that.
    I haven't had an infraction for (6) weeks. That is a personal record. I have (2) pages listing all of the times I was deducted points because of my behavior in the "infractions" tab. Although, I don't remember being that impish. Maybe it is because of the hashtags. Oh, well. I'm not changing.
    Thanks for asking, #Vanhool. I've been busy in the garden, teaching "Yoga for Seniors" at the Senior Citizens Center and trying to get my latest quilt finished because of graduations and weddings approaching. Most of my participation lately has been discussing the "CYGS" at the General Forum. I attempt to participate separate from where the excessive fan idolatry occurs. The kids are really hyper this spring for sure. Hope all is well!
    The groups have a moderator function which could be used to remove posts or participants from the group.
    Oh, I guess you could have an agreement with someone by which they would agree to delete your post as soon as they read, but that is stretch.
    VH, I don't think there is a private message tool, albeit, the work around would be to create a private group by which only you and the other person would communicate, but the content would likely be viewable by the moderators. My "infractions" tab is two pages long. I didn't even know.....
    Hellerrrrr.... I guess they are adding features. I think I added you to my friends list.
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