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    Who is the Alpha Male of the ATP tour?

    Right now probably Medvedev.
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    Novak praises sportsmanship of Thiem and Zverev: "This is what sports is all about"

    I find this constant praising between players on social media very weird (and somewhat lame). Glad that Roger and Rafa never (or barely) do it. I'm not saying that they should act like Kyrgios, I just feel like such posts are a bit too much sometimes. Oh well :)
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    Who are you rooting for?

    Zverev. I don't like Thiem :)
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    Medvedev vs Thiem is the biggest matchup after so many years not involving any of the big 3 members.

    There'a no such thing as "deserves more". Whoever wins it, deserves it. Go Med!
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    If Hollywood turned that incident into a movie

    LMAO, he should've gone full Stone Cold heel mode
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    Underhand serve is only deemed disrespectful...

    There's nothing illegal, cheap or wrong with the underhand serve. You're out there to win a tennis match, not to please the viewers or play "pretty" tennis (whatever that is) ;)
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    Coolest GIF's of Pro's.....

    Just found that gif in a very old folder on my laptop. No disrespect to Novak, just posting it as I haven't seen it on the forum :)
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    your picture...

    Dude, the squirrels in London were literally climbing on me and even got on my shoulders. They were so friendly and curious.
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    Husband and wife. 125 + Ghost = LOVE

    It's one thing to take your kid to dinner or outside. That's pretty normal. But sharing photos online, where as I've said people can be stalked, hacked or even worse (and it's not that hard these days) can expose a child to much more danger. Yes, if I ever have kids I won't do this (I know such...
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    Husband and wife. 125 + Ghost = LOVE

    Actually I think quite the opposite - that one shouldn't reveal too much on social media. It's fine if you post photos sometimes, but I think forums and people should stay anonymous whenever they want. After all, you never know how this information might be used or who might run into it. The...
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    A glimpse of future greatness - Federer's first master series title win

    That outfit he wore in the final was cool af.
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    Husband and wife. 125 + Ghost = LOVE

    Can you elaborate what does back and forth mean? :)
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    Husband and wife. 125 + Ghost = LOVE

    Nice. How long have you been together?
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    Extended highlights of Djokovic v Nadal from ATP Cup final 2020

    Quality second set. I'm still confident that Rafa will score a win or two against Novak on HC in the future. Although even if he doesn't it's not a big deal as long as he finishes with the Slam record and grabs up more weeks at #1, MS 1000 and other titles :)
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    Nadal- Amazing Points At Net

    Amazing. Overall, Federer is the better net player, but I think among the top players Rafa has the best reactions/reflexes at the net and also the best 360 smash.