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    RG 2021 SF: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    Rafa's my favorite so I'm obviously upset about the result, but congrats to Djokovic and his fans.
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    Serious thread: Does Kyrgios really love Federer???

    edit: delete: I thought Kyrgios said something negative but it was Tomic.
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    Which Pros Start Their Serves Up High Above Their Waist?

    The one that immediately comes to mind is Roddick.
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    Michael Chang's speed is legendary

    Don't worry about it lol. Most people would agree about Chang's speed though. For tennis fanatics, the name "Chang" is pretty much synonymous with speed. edit: And just like that someone posts before me and doesn't agree. I am covered in shame.
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    Michael Chang's speed is legendary

    I'm actually not sure. It's hard to tell if the "ng" is audible at the end of the word. I wish there were captions. edit: Yeah, I'm thinking it's Che.:unsure:
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    Michael Chang's speed is legendary

    I hate to spoil the thread but the guy in the SNL clip didn't say "Michael Chang." He said "Michael Che," which is his own name. I agree with the thread title though. lol
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    Agassi vs Djokovic-Who will win?

    I remember Agassi himself saying that Djokovic is better because although they both have excellent groundstrokes and returns, Djokovic moves and defends much better. Of course, Andre could have just been being humble, but I think his point does make sense.
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    So who is the mentally tougher player: Nadal or Djokovic?

    I agree with GabeT. They're both described to be mentally tough but in different ways. Nadal is famous for playing every point with maximum focus and intensity. Djokovic is famous for clutch moments like saving match points. Novak actually asked Murray this question and he gave the slight...
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    Big congrats to Kei Nishikori!

    Wow. I didn't even know he was already married. Congrats to Kei and Mai!
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    Will it ever end? Is tennis an old mans game now?

    Yes and they both won MVP. This means that despite their ages, they’re actually maintaining high performance levels because were better than all their younger teammates.
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    Will it ever end? Is tennis an old mans game now?

    I always found it sad that tennis players' performance would always fall off a cliff after 30, so it would be great if they could last longer on tour from now on.
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    Rank these fifteen players from best to worst #1 - #15

    There was a period from the end of 2009 to early 2010 where Kolya was regularly beating the Big 3 each week. Even if it was very brief, it's hard to find players who you can say that about.
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    Rank these fifteen players from best to worst #1 - #15

    1. Michael Chang 2. Gaston Gaudio 3. Tomas Johansson 4. Marcelo Rios 5. David Nalbandian & Nikolay Davydenko (tied) 6. Daniil Medvedev 7. Alexander Zverev 8 David Ferrer 9. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 10. Tomas Berdych 11. Milos Raonic 12. Mark Philippoussis 13. Tommy Haas 14. Stefanos Tsitsipas I put...
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    Sampras never created such controversy and division among tennis fans

    Yes, it was lol. It actually still feels like yesterday though. I remember Shaolin was posting here around 2004 also.