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    Gicquel Strings? (towards the bottom of the page) looks like black technifibre strings? anyone have more info? looks great! =)
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    Who's the Most Intimidating Looking Player?

    mikhail youzhny certainly gets my vote. say you were playing youzhny. then suddenly he smashes his racquet against his head and starts bleeding. he gets medical attention then comes back on court like its an everyday event. seriously i would be like "what the f***. how do you look at the guy...
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    Rogers Cup - Toronto

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    Will Simon beat Fed today?

    i dont like simon for some reason. he looks like a butthead.
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    Rogers Cup - Toronto

    oh yeah i just wanted to say the line calling in this tourny is completely ridiculous. i watched about 6 matches and alot of them had horrible calls. whats up with the line judges?
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    Will Simon beat Fed today?

    i have a new theory! fed wanted to lose so that nadal can be the new #1. thus, he has a new goal in tennis now (since he was #1 for so long...and wants a new challenge!) oh yeah that federer vs simon match was crap.
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    Rogers Cup - Toronto

    what a crap match federer played. all simon had to do is keep the ball in the court and wait for the those errors to come. good job fed.
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    28 player draws

    i was looking at the umag draw and saw that now some of the tournys are using 28 instead of 32. first 4 seeds get byes? kinda strange if u ask me and there goes 4 slots on the draw wasted.....
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    seriously...Fed should retire

    yet another "Federer should retire thread" yawn......fed is still #1 and is still an amazing player. no reason to retire. you can clearly see he is still pretty dominant on the tour. (besides playing against nadal)
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    I'm having trouble hitting low balls

    oh lol =P........
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    Somdev Dev Varman, top 10 material??

    my friend lost to alex clayton 6-4 4-6 4-6 in the ncaa tourny opener
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    some colleges im considering

    are you really ready for college tennis? i am a college tennis player myself and i have a friend in columbia playing on the team. its quite stressful. you have to deal with fitness training, traveling, missing classes. Then comes schoolwork. its quite a big responsibility. if you decide not to...
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    I'm having trouble hitting low balls

    yeah that reply got me quite confused lol