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  • Thanks for the follow, I'd been meaning to follow you. Happy TTW livin' :)
    Cheers! I'd been meaning to for a while. Just got around to it!
    Thank you Fedex. That's a very nice thing to say. Tough loss to handle but he's always been a gracious loser. Both Murray and Djoko defended their points from last year and I'm sure they'll continue going strong. Wawa may have won a big one but he doesn't have the consistency. Murray does and he could get to #1 one day.
    V you know I'm not a fan of Djokovic but I don't like the negative reaction to his loss.
    He is and has been for years an all time great. Like him or hate him he just is.
    ANd I think he is a very good loser and acts with dignity in defeat and that is the sign of a man with good character so i guess I have warmed to him .
    V please join the Murray bandwagon.
    Don't be a glory grabber and follow the most successful player.
    And Djokovic is a complete knob anyway.
    i f can't stand the guy.
    Common for Murray
    Is Flemish your native language? Otherwise I assume you would be fluent in French!
    I visited Brussels once. (I went to the indoor tennis tournament, there used to be one). The hot chocolate in Belgium is to die for.
    No, but I was born in Belgium (Brussels) and I've been to France many times. I have a couple of Parisian friends that I keep in touch with - we actually write letters to each other, which is great for my French.
    Where are you from originally? (in France)

    I'm really curious. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. :)
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