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    **Oversized Racket Lovers Club***

    The Microgel Radical OS is probably my favorite racket of all time. Unfortunately I snapped THREE of them - all in the exact same part of the frame (throat) - with simple groundstrokes. The racket simply isn’t designed for serious play. It feels and plays fantastic but whatever it’s made of...
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    Was having issues playing on hard court

    Obligatory reminder that TTPS can’t even win USTA 3.0 matches. Hopefully that provides some context to his insane ramblings about 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5+ tennis. The only new info we got from this thread is he doesn’t know how to play at all on the most common surface lol
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    Which is more mind-boggling? Nole is a 5-time Wimbledon champion or Nadal is a 4-time Us Open champion?

    It turns out that having the best return skills on the court that it’s hardest to return serve on translates to winning. Also, hitting flatter and extremely accurate ground strokes and having a strong serve ... those things translate pretty well to. No clue how this surprises anyone.
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    Dink serve is a free point generating slot machine

    This. He’s not even a real 3.5
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    It’s crazy but it feels like Federer is out of the slam race

    Anything’s possible but I remember thinking this back in ‘15? ‘16? When Fed and Rafa we’re getting bounced in early rounds of the AO and USO.
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    It’s crazy but it feels like Federer is out of the slam race

    Yeah that level of denial is pretty funny
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    It’s crazy but it feels like Federer is out of the slam race

    Seems like a 2 man race right now with Rafa a heavy favorite with a 3 slam lead. Short of Medvedev proving he can maintain or improve his level and going on a tear... more Novak/Rafa slams are coming
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    Federer will win AO 2020 or Wimb 2020

    You’re going in the wrong direction at this point. Just start praying for Novak to be healthy. That’s your best chance for stopping Rafa from blowing past Fed’s record.
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    Race to YE#1 - Nadal leads Djokovic by ~ 2000 points

    Great job bun rafa. BOTH Novak and Rafa should take the rest of the year off and look tonpeak at AO’20. Nothing matters but slams
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    Classy post from Djokovic...

    I’m sure u would have cried about that too. Criers gonna cry
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    Can Medvedev win? Only unbiased objectivity

    The chance is limited to the other guy getting injured
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    Player's wives and GFs

    Stop trying to make Kyrgios a thing. He's never going to be a thing. Boring servebot, nothing more.