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  • Hi Virginia.
    Do you know, by chance the string tension for the Chris 5-star Avenger and Erge 251.
    PS: A fellow member (don't let it bounce) thought you may have the answer.
    Hi Virginia
    I have a vintage woodie that I can't identify. I used to play a lot of tennis in my youth and one thing I've carried through is I'm now a keen collector of vintage racquets from the late 70s and 80s. I picked up an old racquet with the wooden frame .. Mouse trap version. I've tried to identify it through Google searches .. Various websites etc. with no joy. I posted on here but couldn't post a pic so no response. Can I send you the details so you can check if you can shed any light on the matter? I got the racquet from a person who played with it in the 1950s in Kenya. I've seen your inputs on the classic racquets threads so hope you can help.
    South Africa
    Hi Virginia
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