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    Prestige of players beat in Slam finals/semi

    He only lost once to Murray
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    2019 has already been epic :)

    Kind of Dejavu ... I remember you or someone else bumping this guys' thread after the WIM 18 and he got so emotional. Not sure what was said in that thread last that resulted in its deletion. Some people dont learn.
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    2019 AO Women's Final: [4] Naomi Osaka vs. [8] Petra Kvitova

    The Eurosport commentary is too biased in favour of Kvitova. Sucks bad
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    Nadal's draw at the 2019 AO = no top 20 opponents until the final

    Exactly .. You beat who is in front of you. But then there are some diaper clad keyboard warriors brethren that you have, like below, who will keep giving some rat ***. Not even realizing that Gonzalez was a 10th seed who didn't let Rafa win 10 games in the QF while Baghdatis knocked off 3 Top...
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    Court Speed

    Can you define a servebot?
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    Most impressive Finals run: Borg/Federer/Nadal/Lendl

    When you were in school/college/university did you by any chance had the habit of answering not what was being asked but a different question :-D But jokes aside, Rafa's FO record is out of this world. A sticky post can be made on TTW saying it would never be broken and then see if any current...
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    Nothing demonstrates Federer's longevity better than...

    Something, I don't know what, tells me that you would not have had any chance against Nadal. What about Novak? Would you be letting him win any? :)
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    The Player that brought YOU the most joy in your lifetime

    Roger Federer, even when I compare across all sports I follow(ed). For me he surpassed Tendulkar after 2011; something unimaginable for most Indians.
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    Rafa's solution to serve dominance: Yay or Nay?

    Good. next suggestions should be to have a cap on topspin ... i mean a minimum cap.
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    Fact or fiction?

    But isn't he saying that Fed would have won in 2012 if for faster courts? Would clayqueen say so? :)
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    Murray is an ATG

    From your GOATs list, apart from Sampras which other GOAT are you expecting Edberg and Becker to play?
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    Nothing but respect for Federer

    Make up your mind please
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    Nothing but respect for Federer

    Yes. If Fed had thought like Pete he would have won at least 3 less slams.