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    Is Masha on the juice?

    A lot of players look like the hulk when they are making contact with the ball.
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    Andy going down the drain?

    Since when is losing to Davydenko bad thing? Davydenko got to 3 or 4 semis of the grand slams last year and is #4 in the world.
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    Bad Loss for Donald Young

    Hopefully Young will grow up soon. I have been saying this for a while now.
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    Roddick's strings at Wimbledon

    Nadal uses Duralast.
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    difference between men and women tennis

    Few women have the frame to be as strong as Serena Williams.
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    100 "best" Wim players from the Times

    The writer should be fired.
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    Federer's belt!!! hahahahah

    Federer's lost weight worrying about how to beat Nadal on clay that he needs a belt to hold his shorts up.
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    Roger Federer ranked number 5 male athlete in the world.

    I consider golf a sport though I do see where you coming from. Look at Daly, overweight and used to be an abusive alcoholic. Playing golf is a workout and requires practice in the way other technique sports do. Now Bowls should not be a sport, maybe even motorsport to as the only physical...
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    Novak K-Blade Commercial (And TC commericals in General)

    I hate that Sharapova commercial with the talking dog.
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    The Best Ever Grand Slam Finalist?

    Greg Rusedski. Oh wait...
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    Roddick=Pigeon with serve

    Sorry but this has been done to death and it takes much more than a good serve to get to top 10.
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    $60K betted on nadal!

    It's never a good chance to bet on nalbandian in winning a Grand Slam.
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    Grass in general has slowed down

    Not everyone likes baseline rallies. I hope you realize soon not everyone thinks like you.
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    Nadal's destructive behavior

    It's obvious who the Nadal fanboys are. I don't find this thread that bad. The agenda's kind of lame but it could be a lot worse.
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    Funny pic

    Her nipples through the see through top.