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    Nadal's indoors ATG position

    shouldn't be played when the sun is injured... :confused:
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    We should acknowledge that ................

    @helterskelter ? :unsure: (those antivamos haters always have a selective memory when it comes to the slams he won in the 70's) overprepared as well... ('rusty peak injured') :sneaky:
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    is that what the top10 will look like next year? :unsure:
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    Longest toilet break

    dear cheating bull dovotee, your post reminds me of Dr Cotorro's former labeled speciality :giggle:
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    Longest toilet break

    always a delight to see the nadal get a taste of his own medicine :giggle:
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    Dimitrov doesn't like bananas

    ... an #epic cheating moment! 8-B PS: le gustan mas las naranjas de manacor... :unsure:
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    2021 BNP Paribas Open ATP M1K, October 5-17

    only 5 of the 32 seeds have been ousted in their 1st match (R64). seems like a high 'seed qualification %'... have we already seen better in this kind of '96-draw'? :unsure:
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    Russian Lion Karatsev

    could be a fun match if both are on :cool: ... #wings @MichaelNadal ? :unsure:
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    Would Federer still be elegant with a 2 hander?

    ... but just imagine if he was holding the grater with 2 hands! :oops:
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    2021 Indian Wells R3: Alexander Zverev [3] vs Andy Murray [WC]

    flash news: the letsgoyelling zviraffe is a 'murray fanboy' :whistle: