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    2019 French Open R1: Rafael Nadal vs Yannick Hanifmann

    Rince and repeaaaaaaaaaat x1000000 :rolleyes: *yawn* #FakeBull
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    Uhm, can they please change the color of the tennis balls when played on clay!!!

    good morning, mister @DRII , hotline here 8-B did you make sure that your device was plugged in and that you turned it on ? :unsure:
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    Should pros retire at the top or fade away?

    you made a reasonable point: i'll be happy to bring a bottle of sangria and a chorizo to celebrate the end of his last match :giggle:
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    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    you're correct about the drought ;) between 2008 (nishikori + delpo x4 + cilic) and 2016 (letsgoyelling ziraffe), there wasn't any teen finalist (the "anti-@Meles" age) ... whereas we had at least one every year between 1970 and 2008 ! :oops: cf. this thread, dedicated to the drought: PS...
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    Should pros retire at the top or fade away?

    the nadal should retire right now (not next week or tonight... right bloody now): time to stop ruining tennis. the others should do as they please.
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    Please wake me when Nadal season is over
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    Which would be preferable for Rafa?

    immediate and definite retirement is the only way to protect him and his knees from all those frightening life-threateining imagin'juries he's been suffering week after week... :cry: PS: it also has the appreciable benefit of sparing us from having to endure his unbearable presence :)
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    Laver Cup becomes ATP event

    do they provide chairs as well ? :unsure: (could be another trick/request from the mallorcan mafia) anyway, still a useless exo... but an official one now.
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    Define time.

    the same also applies to his underwear, by the way o_O ewww...
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    *La Du*od*e*c*ima*

    that string of 3 straight qualifiers... la vache ! o_O rainman got kicked out of the casino for less than this... PS: am i allowed to contribute to the crowdfunding of my own (well-needed) therapy ? :unsure:
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    2019 Open Parc Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Lyon

    at least it's not a registered trademark... but yes, let's call tournaments by the name of their town ! ;) c'mon denis !
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    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    sometimes you wonder if the clay season doesn't ruin the confidence of some players right before the gras season.. while they should have better results on the green surface ! :unsure:
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    When did Masters 1000s become a staple of the "big titles" count

    didn't this 'masters overhyping marketing madness' (gently) start with the creation of the ATP tour in 1990 ? but even then, lots of top players were regularly skipping some of them. only recently did it overhype take such proportions... (maybe in conjonction with the scary lack of turnover at...
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    What do you truly believe about the Nadal/Soderling 2009 FO Match?

    this match didn't happen. another conspiracy from the antivamos squadron :mad:
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    The youngest man to have won multiple major titles is now 32!

    #UNVULNERABLEGEN @Meles ? :unsure: