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    Best junkballers post-Santoro?

    Andy Roddick sometimes plays junk from baseline.
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    AO2009 3rd Round: Federer vs Safin

    Safin plays his best tennis in AO. He almost always did. Roger plays well there too but he is not at his peak like he was in 2004 and 2005 when they played last in Australia. Of course same thing can be said about Marat to even bigger extent. I say Marat has a chance... but realistically, I...
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    roddick weak tennis aussy open rd 1?

    He is playing same style as he will play against top ranked player and basically 98% of all his matches. Since he never misses, he will just roll the ball around until opponent makes a mistake.. of course when he plays a decent player he gets punished. Also, don't expect Andy to hit flat...
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    I had seen him hit 136, 137 at wimbledon. He has live arm.
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    Livestreams for Sydney?

    There is a chance, but I doubt. They only seem to show Hewitt's matches.
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    Livestreams for Sydney?

    This one is working for me
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    Sydney Medibank International 11-17th Jan

    Nice win Richard. No unnecessary energy spent.
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    gasquet forehand grip!!

    How the heck is this a continental grip? Looks semi-western finish to me. I think he prepares for a shot with continental, but midway through takeback, he switches to semi.
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    Will Gasquet ever win a slam?

    You clearly are just pulling some of these numbers out of you arse. His serve is not top 30? Then why the heck he was in top 10 in most categories on serve the last two years? Do you even check match facts on atp website? Last year he averaged something like 9 or 10 aces per match and that was...
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    Will Gasquet ever win a slam?

    dude, he had 4 aces alone. 5 winners overall? What are you smoking sir? I have seen everyone of his matches from both 2007 and 2008 Wimbledon's and on average he hits most backhand winners of any player including Federer, Murray, etc.
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    Will Gasquet ever win a slam?

    Funny you say that because his backhand clearly works best on grass. No other player in the world hits as many bh winners on grass as he does.
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    Will Gasquet ever win a slam?

    Dude, wth, that was almost a year ago.
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    tsonga vs. gasquet

    fourth round?
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    Hopman Cup 2009

    Any live streams?
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    Safin or Nalbandian?

    Nalbandian. Far more control on that side. Marat's little more powerful, but his placement isn't that great.