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    Which generation was weaker, Djokodal's or Federer's?

    baby Nadal>>Mury+Fatwrinka
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    Fed looms...

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    Most disappointing slam performance in recent years?

    Nadal AO'19 and it's not even close. Was murdering opponents left, right and centre; had an extra day rest and when everyone thought the final was just a formality he was sent packing in less than two hours
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    We had to tolerate Nick

    Nick who?
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    I can feel it coming—Dimitrov’s first slam imminent

    I can't see anyone standing between him and the trophy
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    RAFA has a legit chance of winning WTF

    well done champ, now let's concentrate on the next big thing...Rolland garos
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    Pick your poison Federer fans

    Some die-hard Fed fans right there, featuring @MichaelNadal @Lleytonstation @tusharlovesrafa @beast of incoming, must be ready, no?
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    Djoker aka The Serbian Iron Man will beat Rafa

    Your predictions are top notch like never before
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    she plays tomorrow
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    Poll. Is Djokovic faking MTOs and is that cheating

    the fear is strong with this one
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    The Sinner is ready

    and if Sinner fails we still have Diegod and Djesus
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    Rome is Not Relevant to RG

    try to explain that to Diego
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    French Open loss is a karma for arrogant Thiem

    wasn't being arrogant at all