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    Is this a legitimate let?

    I wish every ball I hit wide that bounced into another court was unreturnable, but I'm not that good. :-) However, the interpretation that you favor basically means that any ball I hit wide that bounces into another court where there is play going on can almost never be a winner. As long as...
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    Is this a legitimate let?

    We had this happen recently, and we did not play a let because I was of the opinion you can't call a let for action on an adjacent court that doesn't impinge upon the boundaries of your court. To me, players on the adjacent courts should be considered permanent fixtures. The situation, in my...
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    We are going to Nationals!!!

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    Purpose for Hybrid?

    In short: Cost, comfort and feel. The poly/syn gut hybrid will cost you less per racquet than the full poly job. How much less depends on which poly you are using. The poly/syn gut hybrid will be less stiff, offering better comfort and less wear and tear on your arm and shoulder than the full...
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    5 Different Head strings

    You might want to try using Sonic Power mains with FXP crosses. That should be closer in feel and power to your current poly/multi hybrid than a full bed of Sonic.
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    Stringsavers and Gut/Poly hybrids - your experience

    I've experimented with gut/poly hybrids, and I find string savers help extend the life of the stringjob, provided you use a poly with good (for a poly) tension maintenance. I don't have a pattern for the string savers - I play once without them, and the I just put them in wherever I see...
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    Drinking on the job

    A couple of guys bring beer for our team. We usually end up having enough to share, but we tend to focus on taking care of our own, as few other teams are that organized. Anyway, the usual is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale all around, plus a Guinness for me. A good selection of craft brews also never...
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    How many of you live in North Carolina?

    Durham has a full USTA League Schedule. There's a USTA tournament in Durham in two weeks, and one in Cary the weekend after that. Next month there's a tournament in Raleigh. I'll drop you an e-mail.
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    2nd serve ace discrimination

    Interesting. The usual reaction from my opponents for my second serve aces is an incredulous look, a head shake and "Nice serve."
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    The Etiquette of USTA Singles

    I honestly have never asked my opponent in a singles match to hold a ball for me. The third ball goes against the back fence/curtain. I don't find it distracting or worrying. If I was playing someone and they asked me to hold the 3rd ball for them, I'd probably look at them like they were an...
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    Reflections Of A Would-Be Singles Player

    My problem in trying to get my singles game back in gear is that I use the alleys a lot in doubles. All of my unconscious aiming points include that extra width. When I get on the singles court, I find myself consistently missing the sidelines by a couple of inches. Great doubles shots, but...
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    I'd like to re-string less often: NXT 17

    Hmm. OK, here are some options: Klip Legend Gut mains/Gosen OG Sheep Micro crosses. Cost $1 less per string job than NXT. Should outlast and out play NXT. Add string savers to significantly extend the life of the string job (adds about $1.00). The biggest problem will be getting your hands on...
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    What the HECK ? Lost 4 matches in a row in USTA tennis.

    Doubles rewards aggression a lot more than singles does. "Safe" and "conservative" shots tend to be volleyed away for winners by aggressive opponents. Also, doubles points tend to be shorter, so if you can't hit that aggressive shot 5 times in a row, it's OK. In doubles, you probably only...
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    What the HECK ? Lost 4 matches in a row in USTA tennis.

    Actually, it is fair to ask your partner to try to take a little off their first serve so they get more of them in, or to try to serve that second serve the opponent's backhand, as long as you realize that they might not be able to manage that. However, assuming that he's still going to feed...
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    How Far In Advance Do You Set Line-ups?

    As a player and a captain, when I commit to play in a league that plays on regular nights, my thought is that I am holding those nights reasonably free for matches.