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    10 greatest athletes ever

    Not that Ronaldo!
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    10 greatest athletes ever

    Here's my top 10 greatest athletes of all time: 1. John Surtees 2. Elio de Angelis 3. Jackie Chan 4. Dustin Brown 5. Ronaldo 6. Dominic Hasek 7. Jarno Saarinen 8. Wang Liqin 9. James Douglas 10. Steven Bradbury
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    Who is least likely to win a(nother) Slam?

    Rublev doesn't have nearly the footspeed to play like young Rafa. He's stuck with playing the way he plays.
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    Emma Raducanu: 1 GS Wonder?

    Even Iga is not a completely valid comparison because Iga had been playing on the tour already for over a year with decent results, giving her a ranking of 54 before the 2020 French Open. Iga has done okay since her RG victory in the grand scheme, but her results this year have settled into a...
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    What would they do if they weren't professional tennis players/

    What I mean is that some of them did many sports as kids and eventually settled for tennis. If they had settled for an another sport, the most talented ones could've reached professional level in that too. Also not every tennis players' dads are company owners so some of them would've also just...
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    What would they do if they weren't professional tennis players/

    In some cases they'd be professional athletes in other sports.
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    Medvedev vs Zverev?

    Interesting thing is that according to Medvedev himself his forehand was really bad as a junior and even in his early pro years. Supposedly it started to work some time after switching to Tecnifibre.
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    What happened to Chung?

    And the winner is battling knee problems too! The finalist is just fading in general. The quarter-finalists are not doing too hot either currently, but at least a couple of them are playing injury-free (Tennys and Grigor).
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    What happened to Chung?

    If he can even make a proper comeback. He's been sidelined so long now that it doesn't look too good.
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    Raducanu's Draw Revisited?

    We can reflect on the draw and Raducanu's performance when she has had a chance to play some tournaments on the main tour, as well as another Major or two. What is there to say now except that she beat everybody she had to beat easily and that the veterans did very poorly at this tournament. If...
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    No, these WTA teenagers aren't yet ready.

    Sabalenka looks insane too when she's switched on. And then some days she just crumbles. Still has managed to be on enough to win quite a few tournaments already.
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    No, these WTA teenagers aren't yet ready.

    It's a bit ironic to talk about not jumping the gun on Raducanu in the very same thread where you defend Anna Kournikova as at her peak a stronger player than any of the modern champions. We saw the entirety of Anna's career arc already. She never delivered on her promise. Part of the problem...
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    A beautiful moment has slipped away, for all of us...

    The Grand Slam doesn't even matter. Rod Laver won all four Majors in a single year back when AO was a 500 level tournament. Good for him. Djokovic got an opening to repeat the feat as his closest rivals fell off with injuries. Medvedev reached his peak level just in time to stop him. That's...
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    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    Of course it was very obvious that Novak was tired, but I don't think this match-up is a particular issue for Daniil. Their record is close to even now at 5-4. Of course on a typical day it would be more difficult to get Novak to tire out like this, but Medvedev could still blitz him with lights...