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    Popularity of Williams sisters on TW...

    Why doesn't that surprise me???:oops:
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    watched My Cousin Vinny again the other night. Laughed my &%^ off.
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    Popularity of Williams sisters on TW...

    Here's a secret back atcha.....this forum is not anything at all resembling the whole real world. Honestly, I swear!!!:oops:
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    Popularity of Williams sisters on TW...

    I enjoy good tennis and I like watching both Serena & Venus play. Usually their level is far and above the competition and it's fun to see. I get very tired of the baseline bashers from Russia or the unimaginative play of people like Wozniaki. The Williams sisters have been great for women's...
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    Your Favourite Slam & Why?

    Australian is near the bottom of my list. The level of play can be shaky, not all of the players are in to it like the other Slams, and the heat often drags down the quality of matches. Wimbledon is great, especially to see players shift gears from the clay season to a faster court. But...
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    Vantage Racquet Company

    Thumbs up to Vantage I've seen Vantages at several major Open Tourneys in my neck of the woods. Good players using them too. I would imagine that they don't have the money to spend on endorsements, as they are a small company. Reminds me of New Balance when they were starting out...
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    Vantage 95 Vs 100

    Agreed! The OP is either having a bad day or doesn't understand that people are trying to help him. He derailed his own don't see that everyday.:oops:
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    Wozniacki is now the #1 in the world

    All good points that go to show that the "ranked" #1 player is most definitely not always the "best" player. She has simply accumulated the most points by playing lesser opponents. Not Woz's fault by any stretch. She's a good player, just not one of the "best" 3 or 4 in the WTA currently given...
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    Wozniacki is now the #1 in the world

    Your obsession with Serena Williams is <how to say this gently>.....CREEPY:oops:. So many threads, so little time??? And that is the best case scenario. I'm sure your "issues" go deeper, lol.
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    Prime Serena vs. prime Steffi

    I completely agree. The cross-dressing Mother Marjorie guy posting like a woman and speaking in the 3rd person <see above> continuing his weird obsession with Serena is a great case-in-point, lol.:)
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    Official Del Potro fan club.I jump in it!

    Golly gee....what a cool thread! A place for fans of the superstar Del Potro to hang out and talk about all things DelPo!! I hope all fans "jump in" and hang with everyone else. Then maybe we can all go to the mall and look for DelPo posters and maybe check online for any pre-worn outfits that...
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    The Real reason Serena's out of tennis.

    Uhm...what does not talking "ghetto" have to do with anything re: how much class someone has?? Really? "Class"? Get some.:oops:
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    The Real reason Serena's out of tennis.

    (I preface by saying that I'm a huge Fed fan) Where was Rog for the Davis Cup? How many of those matches has he missed over the years. Your memory seems a bit.......selective. It's sports. It's world class athletes playing at a high level. When they don't play every day per your wishes, too...
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    Hawaii Five-O

    Actually, I watched the first episode the other night....just because someone had the gall to disagree with you then they must not have seen it? Open up your mind grasshopper....:oops: Like I said....another cop show, a remake? Wow. Nothing special and not very original. Next.