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    better career/whom would you rank higher overall?: Lendl vs Connors

    Very close. In my mind, Connors' biggest plus is he has 2 Wimbledons and Lendl none. It's the biggest tournament. From there, it's how you grade something like Lendl's 5 Masters. And he won them when everyone was playing there. Like his 2 Australians. His aren't like Vilas' with a depleted...
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    Was there any comment about rankings when Jimmy Connors played ATP Bermuda in 1975...?

    I remember Connors appearing on Cosell's show. He sang. Believe it or not, he was trying to establish himself, in addition to the tennis, as a bit of a singer back then.
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    Stockton beats Connors in Philadelhia 1977.

    I remember that unusual setup. The 2 courts were right next to each other. The 1977 final was actually on network tv. NBC showed it. That was a big win for Stockton. The US Pro got possibly the strongest field of the indoor season. Most of the top guys would play there.
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    stats for 1979 US Open F(McEnroe-Gerulaitis)

    Boy, some of those points illustrate how Vitas could cover court. And Tanner is the much bigger hitter with clearly inferior movement to Gerulaitis. I'd like to see the entire match as well. Months back, they showed highlights from all the Mcenroe/Connors matches. The most I've ever seen...
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    Today's tennis players who "similar" to those of the past

    Back then Connors wasn't doing any sneaking, he just came in. He's at the net almost 25% of the points that we have of that match. Half as many as Laver, but Laver is playing prototype s/v tennis, both serves. Connors is mixing it up. But once they rallied, I don't have the exact stats on...
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    Did really Connors and Mac hate each other?

    Actually, Connors was still pretty far ahead by through 1984 because he won a bunch when Lendl was young. Maybe the first 8 matches? Lendl didn't beat him until the summer of 1982. Even in 84 I think Connors won the last 2. Then he never beat him again. I guess the point is that Connors was...
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    Match Stats/Report - Borg vs Nastase, Wimbledon final, 1976

    Interesting article showing his opponents' perspective, except for Vilas and Nastase. I've read that Vilas is doing well. I hope the same isn't true for Nastase. Anyway, I enjoyed reading the other players' thoughts.
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    If McEnroe never existed how many slams for Borg and Connors?

    He also didn't play Gerulaitis there any of those years. It's all conjecture since they didn't play. He was not playing his best that year. Sure didn't against Mcenroe in the semis. I said it in another thread. That's why they play the matches. I would have favored him, but not by 90 plus...
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    McEnroe Connors 1982 Wimbledon Final. As Good As It Gets.

    He did make some amazing volleys off of Connors mid court passes. Great return, seemingly pretty easy pass. Well, a ball sitting up short to mid court. A really good look at the pass and Mcenroe would make the volley.
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    If McEnroe never existed how many slams for Borg and Connors?

    By 1979 Gerulaitis was starting to play Connors closer. Losing, but more 3 setters in best of 3 matches. Then, starting in a match only several months later, he beat him and then spent the next couple years beating Connors more than Connors beat him. Again, Connors was not in great form...
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    If McEnroe never existed how many slams for Borg and Connors?

    Count me in the group that never subscribed to the Mcenroe drove Borg out of the game because he just felt he couldn't beat him anymore theory. I'm in the Borg was burned out group. I think Borg wins the 80 and 81 US Opens and 1981 Wimbledon. Connors was not in great form at the 1979 US OPen...
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    McEnroe Connors 1982 Wimbledon Final. As Good As It Gets.

    Sure surprised me. Pleasantly surprised, but surprised. Now, I didn't say shocked, I'd said surprised. 1981 Mcenroe is 23 and possibly still improving. Connors had reached his peak. I'm not expecting Connors to win the 2 biggest tournaments in 82. And it's not like he started beating...
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    What happened to Vilas after 1977?

    Also, Kim Prince courtside. Later it became Barry Mackay. To me, Borg trying or not, Dusseldorf was an aberration. Other than that, I don't think Vilas had taken a set from Borg in 3 or 4 years. Didn't Borg destroy him in Monte Carlo that year? I'm very hard pressed to believe that he could...
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    McEnroe Connors 1982 Wimbledon Final. As Good As It Gets.

    I had forgotten about that shot by Mcenroe. Wow. There was definitely a lot of excellent play. There was just also some more patchy play than somewhere like their 1984 US Open match which is, IMO, their best sustained level of play match. This was more ike their 1980 US Open match. A lot...
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    McEnroe Connors 1982 Wimbledon Final. As Good As It Gets.

    I knew it was over 10. Just wasn't sure how many over 10. I don't think I remember another match when he was near 10. He had an important double fault in game 9 of the 5th set of the 1977 final. Connors had the best two handed volley of all time? I think Frew Mcmillan might have something...