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    TW: Prince TT Scream MP

    Thank you very much, I know my last TT Scream was a MP and had a powerlevel of 800. Anyways I think I will wait for the prices to go down on TW.
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    What's the best way to attack a slice and dice player?

    The Number 4 Singles player on my team did this to me all the time. It was until I developed my 1 hand backhand that this didnt work for him. I know that doesnt answer your question and Besides going for a winner the only think you can do is slice it back or hit back a ball and make him move...
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    TW: Prince TT Scream MP

    I believe the one you carry is the old version the one with the 800 power level, and I know that the new one has a 825 power level. Im looking to buy me 2 more and wanted to know if you guys carried it.
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    Sharapova - Davenport 'Spoiler'

    Im happy for Sharapova to make it to the finals. She works hard for every point and plays hard tennis. Not to mention she is 17 so many more things may come of this, since this is a real big confidence booster. I really do hope Sharapova takes it all.
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    Hitting a slice drop shot on a second serve

    My friend does to me all the time, Im just glad I got the wheels to get to it, but if Im off balanced then its defin his point
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    Serena vs Golovin

    I gota agree with you on that one.
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    Serena vs Golovin

    Not the best match to watch but Golovin is some eye candy thats for sure. Wearing the short shorts..... Makes me want to go over to Great Britain :lol:
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    Switching Forehand from Eastern to Semi-Western

    I believe the Semi-Western is made more for the Modern game, while there is nothing wrong with the Eastern Forehand grip, more people have been switching to the Semi-Western, I did myself as I didnt find it suited to my game. The Semi Western allows for a long swing and you can use alot of power...
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    Prince TT Scream MP

    K, I have one now but am looking for a new one that plays almost like it. I was able to generate loads of topspin on it and I was able to use a full swing on it. Prolly because im only 15 so I cant possibly hit it that hard. Any help would be appreciated. Also while Im still using it was would...
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    Prince TT Scream MP

    What do you think of this Racket
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    Serena's behind :)

    I bet in a year something like this happends for Sharapova, but it would prolly be called Sharapovas upskirts CD Vol. 1
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    Arm-friendly frame for senior doubles player

    My coach who is the States Best Double player for the 5.0 rating uses a Fischer GDS Rally, and his partner uses a Triad 5.0 so I would say both those rackets could prolly do you good.
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    Need New String

    My Coach gave me this racket and I believe it was Gamma Optimum performance Strings. Its Been about 3 Months and I believe its time for a New String Job. The Gamma played well but Im pretty sure there is better out there, Im not really a String Breaker, but I need a string that can Impart...
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    Need New String

    I need Help on some new string to get my for Prince Triple Threat Scream, I would like one that plays well and doesnt loose tension or break easy. Also if it wasnt that expensive it would be a plus. Any help is appreciated
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    Dang Man, Can you guys stop complaining, All Ive seen is ESPN Sucks, ESPN Blows, ESPN needs better coverage, well while I would like to see some other people I dont have the Tennis Channel so any Tennis On Tv is fine by me. This whole section has been just complaining, complaining, no wonder why...