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    2019 Shanghai Masters Main Thread

    Well did not see that coming! Into the 3rd set then...
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    OK, I also want a 100mph serve! Suggestions please

    I just realized I commented already in June... and my point remains the same: to me your grip is too open (too much forehand, not real continental). Might be that it works for you, but to me it makes the serve more like a push motion instead of throwing motion... and limits the power you get...
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    How do you alternate your multiple racquets of the same model?

    For me one of solely for backup. So when strings break, I use the other one. Sometimes, the one not in use is slightly tighter tension, so I might use it also when I feel I am loosing control. To me optimally, I'd have rackets with slight difference in weight or tension, for the "off" days...
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    2019 China Open (Beijing) - ATP 500 Thread

    Murray was very grumpy, so I assumed he would be back to his old winning ways.... and so he was. I also remembered why I never liked him. :)
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    Heavy Racquet improves technique?

    Just my 2 cents, but balance is what makes the difference. I feel I get forearm problems with anything that is even remotely head heavy, even just shadow swinging it. So I took a light racket and added 50+ grams to the tail. I started on heavy rackets oin the 80s, my beginner racket weight 377g...
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    Some players like to use old depressurized balls to play matches, do u encounter them?

    I play a 1h match league here... and I made the mistake of agreeing to play with old balls last month once... so I lost that match (I was down 5-6 and the opponent started slowing the play... eventually he won 5-7), won the other 3. Will not make the same mistake again. It's just that I hate the...
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    What to do with a negative doubles partner

    Thanks, I'll take that into use for sure! Here's to hoping I get a chance soon to test it! :) Personally I try to take bad days as a learning opportunity. To improve, it does not really matter how I play when I have great day, but to win and succeed when I am under pressure, tired and my shots...
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    Would you pay Federer $1000/h to coach you?

    $1k sounds cheap to me for playing with one of the greats of the sport. Of course, if he did offer that, it were not for everybody, as he'd have thousands of people lining up for it. Rather take 50-100k (or whatever) for a weekend with a corporation, hitting with two dozen people and then dinner...
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    Grip changed during serves & overheads.

    I carry a rubbery wristband in my bag. It is for people who want to try a different grip, to tie around the hand to keep the grip in place. I don't know if it actually works for most people, but I used it a couple of times when I tried and moved from EE to SW FH... then again I've tried many...
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    Do you enjoy the Laver Cup?

    It is fun, but not really "legit" yet. You can see the players are acting in a play, trying to make the audience believe in the meaning of the event. But hopefully it will get some real stature before backing drops out. When the current faces leave, if it does not have any clout yet, it will...
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    Does anyone make any money playing tennis in their 40-50's etc.?

    Karlovic is an extreme outlier, so not maybe the best example. But in pro doubles or mixed, there are definitely some older guys who can still get in the money. If you have the hands of, say, Leander Paes, age is only a number, it seems, he is still out there hitting the pro courts, 20 years...
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    Getting sick of Microsoft Windows

    If you don't HAVE to have MS word, freeware alternatives exist. Google docs is very similar (and compatible), online, usable on Chromebook and what have you. I've been thinking of setting my home PC as a Chromebook (downloading and installing Cloudready/Chromium). The PC is now 6 years old...
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    USO 19: R.Nadal [2] Vs D.Schwartzman [20]

    Unless Rafa is injured, he takes in 3 sets. I'd love Diego to win of course. :)
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    2019 US Open QF: (3) Federer vs Dimitrov

    Dim lights are shown to be all thick smoke and mirrors.
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    Do Rackets from post 2000 really go "dead?"

    I have no idea. But I always felt that just hitting and restringing is what really wears the rackets out, not storing them. Then again the rackets I played with and used when I got back to playing after 20 year hiatus, were really soft (low RA). Were they like that from the get go or has the...