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    Yonex DR98 to Clash 100 Tour?

    Precision... I tried the 100 tour for couple of months (on and off, strung it tighter a couple of times). Coming from a Dunlop M3.0 (it is like 365g with lead, blu tack, and overgrips), which has now been giving me a bit of bother (shoulder from serving and fingers from mishitting returns). The...
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    Doubles tactics: what's right for the middle-aged weekend player?

    check at 15:13... come to the net all the time! :D
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    Arm-Friendly Racquets for those with Arm Problems?

    It is the 1st iteration of Graphene ones. Gray and Orange, yes, but earlier model. I think it was launched in 2013, as per tennis eggspress review on youtube.
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    Wins on clay in less than 60 mins

    I should quickly make an insightful comment here before it is derailed of comments on how Nadal and Djoko take their time... quick now..... oh no... out of time probably already... clock is ticking! Maybe it were interesting to compare above numbers to the guys' win-loss % on clay? Like: is it...
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    18x20 Royal battle - Head Prestige MP vs. Yonex Vcore Pro 97HD vs Gravity Pro vs. Blade V7

    I am watching this one closely now... as I just got my 1st 18x20 (TT100P 62RA), having always played 16x19s (well they were 93/95s back when), and my "new" TT100P being so big and open, I feel, it's not really a 18x20. Anyway, I have stepped over to the dark side, never know where this will lead...
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    Describe Andy Roddick's Career in One Sentence

    They still remember him for his serve
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    GOAT Pop singer?

    Yeah... I guess that's why I never dug that new stuff, too jazzy.
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    GOAT Pop singer?

    Frank Sinatra, although haven't really listened to his newer stuff much.
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    I test 29 inches racquet (Hsieh Su-wei alike)

    I had a session with Dalf hitting with his 29" VCrore 97 Pro... I could actually play with it and no discomfort! Except on serves, as my shoulder is already a bit sore from before. Now I just need to find a suitable racket to do a conversion. My own 27" Dunlop m3.0 felt really funny...
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    Is Anyone Playing Tennis?

    In Scandinavia, courts are open, people are playing.
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    Rafael Nadal's NEW 60 million dollar boat or Yacht. too big ?

    He lives on a Mediterranean island, so I assume the sea is his passion, besides tennis and football. Could be this about the only thing he spends slavishly (for to his wealth) on.
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    I test 29 inches racquet (Hsieh Su-wei alike)

    Maybe he plays ”Prince Thunder Powerdrive 900”, I am not 100%, but something like that anyways.
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    When did Wawrinka first start always chipping/blocking the return back?

    This question is intriguing, as this winter I lost badly to a guy who chipped all the returns. I had previously thought I should learn to do that, but had not really, but this time I really saw how it negated my game. He returns slow and deep and while I did try S&V a couple of times, I only won...
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    I test 29 inches racquet (Hsieh Su-wei alike)

    Here in Espoo (Finland), I have sometimes hit with a retired guy who hits with an old 29" Prince. He hits from the rise, sometimes forehand on both sides, short strokes, odd floaty slice which has a lot of spin... (he is very experienced, so I get very frustrated and lose). Anyway, he said if...
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    I bought a Clash 98 to replace my Clash 100 and it’s a bit heavy for me

    To me, excess weight at the grip end does not bother me. I've added up to 60g there, with no ill effects. But the Clash 98 to me is the most head heavy (or highest SW)... so there is weight at the other end. This at least to me is what can cause shoulder issues (while serving). I had the Clash...