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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Ok make some sense. I’m still gonna try some lighter sticks with mods. Maybe I’ll try the penny method though, although this would depolarize the stick a bit... I’m not exact sure how the penny wouldn’t protrude and feel weird on my handle tbh.
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    Anything on Clash or Phantom with Kev/Zyex?

    I am putting this thread here in the Racket section and hoping to get some info, thoughts, experiences from folks who have used the Clash 100 and/or the Phantom X (16 x 18) ideally with Kevlar/Zyex. (I first put it in the String section, but my inquiry is more racket-related.... I just happen...
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    ———————————————————— Thanks for the input, tennisbike. I’m not clear on what you’re saying when you say that this is not what I’m looking for. Are you talking about the Clash and/or Phantom X? As far as the penny deal, I’ve heard of that before. I do use a trap door in the buttcap to put...
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Ok so as a spinmeister type who’s used this string setup for more than 3 years and still believes in its remarkable ability to accentuate spin (for nonpoly/copoly users due to arm issues), offer good control, and excellent durability (esp. for big hitting string breaker types), I just wanted to...
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    who is freaking petr korda , why this guy is grand slam champion ?

    When you saw the shuffle kick from Petr Korda, that meant yo’ asp.
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    When did you first accept Nadal as the GOAT candidate?

    As soon as he submitted his application for the position of GOAT
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    Roland Garros 2011 served as a vital ingredient in tilting Nadal-Djokovic rivalry heavily in favour of Djoko in the following years

    Ah yes, one of the ultimate Big 3 hypotheticals... (some others being 2011 US Open Fedal final IF Novak’s seemingly desperate FH return blast goes out and even 2010 Fedal US Open final if Fed closes out Djokovic. My intentions are NOT to derail thread, though, by mentioning this lol) This...
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    With the proper mentality what Tomic would have archived?

    As R2473 says: he was never destined for long term success at the highest level with the way the game is played now. No chance. I’ll go further by saying that in the 70s-mid 90s, he would have thrived WITH the right mindset. In this current age of polys/copolys, stylistic and court...
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    2014 French Open Semifinal and Final Highlights- Nadal-Murray and Nadal-Novak

    It was just in time too. The weather warmed up rt around the semi iirc.
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    What will the year end top-5 in 2025 be?

    Thiem, FAA, Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Tiafoe
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    Wawrinka is more similar to Almagro then he is to Thiem?

    I see what the OP sees. OTOH, Wawa is very capable in the forecourt and Nico is an utter nightmare there, which is why Nico was so limited despite his great (albeit army) serve and huge strokes. Nico’s bh slice was nonexistent too, which spells trouble for 1-handers. Stan, on the contrary...
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    Is Novak Djokovic Already The GOAT?

    No. He’s already A GOAT, though. So yes, there can be more than one, mostly bc there’s no such thing as 1 GOAT for countless reasons.
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    No grass masters or no clay WTF, which is more unfair?

    I used the word “unfair” and in hindsight maybe that’s not the best word to describe what’s going on w/ the WTF always being played on indoor hardcourt. It’s certainly no grave miscarriage of justice or anything like that, to be sure. I’d simply say that regardless of what any one player’s...
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    No grass masters or no clay WTF, which is more unfair?

    I understand your point. Grass is and has basically been a non-surface for decades, yet supposedly the most prestigious all of majors, the almighty Wimbledon of course, is still played yearly. This is despite your point about limited grass court access... Grass court tennis, precisely bc of...
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    Baseline ‘Game to 11’ Feed Rules

    I appreciate the spirit of the thread in that like many I’m sure, I’ve had some frustrating moments with 11’s, 21’s, whatever the deal may be. To begin with, like someone said, playing sets is real tennis and drills are just that: drills. A tennis match begins with a serve, not a feed. So...