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    Closest current equivalent to James Blake?

    The main common denominator I see between Shapo and Blake is their tactical approach ( at least thus far with the 21-year old Shapo). The OP sought to identify an modern day “equivalent” to the James Blake game and didn’t specify whether or not he meant stroke production or tactics. I happen...
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    Closest current equivalent to James Blake?

    As a few posters said, Shapo for sure, despite being lefty and having a heavy, big spin type fh, has basically the same purely offensive tactics. I’ve honestly likened Shapovalov’s game to Blake’s for a while now. No willingness to play D, no plan B, same basic pace of shot, when on can be...
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    Rafa's grunt length: Did I imagine this?

    Slamless Souza & Ferrer have much later and longer grunts... Oh wait.
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    Nadal-Thiem vs Nadal-Medvedev

    interesting matches to compare. both epics that involved comebacks and same stadium, but like others said, 1/4 vs. a final makes last night’s final much more significant. That there was a bagel set should in no way, shape, form, or fashion detract from his epicness imo. Nadal wasn’t playing...
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    This final is shockingly bad to watch. Tennis will die when Federer retires. Everyone will just watch his highlights on YouTube.

    I disagree with the wood rackets part, banning polys for pros would do wonders for the game. Baseball banned aluminum bats and golf banned some equipment too but I don’t know/recall what it was.
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    Is Medvedev the best mover among guys over 6’3?

    Paire is good call. Nick Kyrgios is 6’4” and rather agile. both more agile than Medhead. Medvedev’s range and consistency coupled with his anticipation allows ‘em to gobble up court. Safin at 6’4, I thought, was very quick, talented, and freakishly athletic, but injuries and low motivation...
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    Flexier alternative 2 Pure Drive w/ same specs?? Please advise!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. He went with the Clash 100 after I sent him that one, a Prince Beast and a Beast with the ports. Seems to like it.
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    Pospisil: Tennis Needs Change

    Well, that’s all well and good, as you seem to be privy to the issue... I admittedly am not. Guess I’ll just do some research and find out more about these 10 arguments to which you refer, since you didn’t cite any one of them nor did you post a link. 14% of revenue is less than 1/3 of...
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    Pospisil: Tennis Needs Change

    a buddy of mine sent this article to me today. If it’s true that around 50% of most pro sports revenues goes to players and that the ATP’s rate is at 14%, then that needs to change. Allowing unionization like in other pro sports leagues would allow for negotiations of such matters.
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    Dimitrov should be an ATG with the style he plays. Why is he such a massive flop?

    1.mentally weak/tightens up during crunch time 2. Backhand (other than slice which is actually superb) Next
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    Flexier alternative 2 Pure Drive w/ same specs?? Please advise!

    Thanks a million for all this info. He had an appt. with osteo yesterday and if he’s able to continue his comeback, I’ll get him to demo some of these asap. The suggestions were spot on in terms of matching racket specs, which saved me a lot of time. As strings go, he was using NRG2, so I...
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    Flexier alternative 2 Pure Drive w/ same specs?? Please advise!

    My dad had rotator cuff surgery last Dec. at age 75 and is now slowly getting back into playing. After a promising comeback about a month ago, some degree of pain has recurred. He has been using for years a Babalot Pure Drive cerca 2015 version or so with full bed multifilament strings at 54...
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    2019 Mutua Madrid Open - Men's Singles Discussion

    It’s been an interesting clay season so far, and considering that Madrid is different than the other clay events—faster bc of altitude coupled with Fed’s return, it’s hard to predict.