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    Question to Rafa fans: Which is Nadal's most heartbreaking loss?

    Correction: Nadal goes up early break set 4 …
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    Question to Rafa fans: Which is Nadal's most heartbreaking loss?

    ‘21 RG: Ain’t gonna lie. I hated that match after set 1 lol. Novak played brilliantly and pulled it out. After RG ‘20 final, though, this was not a disaster for anybody. Rafa chokes a FH volley late in 3rd set TB and goes up late set 4, only to fizzle away physically to a fit Novak. In...
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    Question to Rafa fans: Which is Nadal's most heartbreaking loss?

    W07: hurt both Rafa and fans despite it being very early in Nadal’s carrera w/ reasonable but high expectations—Rafa was in tears. A combo of the dogmatically unwavering, corn cob up the arse Wimbledon scheduling (ie. no play on middle Sunday in spite of Rafa-Sods 5-day rain-affected...
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    My displeasure with GW may be, in part, due to the gauge —1.27. I much order the Topspin Cyberflash as a cross with my Kevlar mains in my Clash, but then again the Cyberflash is 1.2mm. Thinner gauge is always better for me, as long as it lasts.
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    2nd serve ace, yeah I ask my stringer (I can’t string) to pull on the Kev for a bit to reduce some of that tension loss, so I assume he does. Today that same string job is starting to reach that perfect range… it just takes 45 min to 1.5 hours of relative big cut hitting to get there. At...
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    after many lengthy sessions with Kev mains/Tier 1 GW crosses (56/53 iirc), I did not like the GW at all. It seemed dead and got crap spin. Perhaps it doesn’t jive/mix well with Kevlar… who knows? I’m back to Kevlar mains/Cyberflash crosses…. I was interested in some of the super soft...
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    Based on what is said here, Cream seems close to GW… I will never use full poly bc of TE fears (already had cortisone shots a few years ago), so I’m experimenting with soft copolys in hybrid only. The control with Kevlar mains and copoly crosses is out of this world, but you gotta swing big...
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    For what it’s worth, have used Kevlar mains 56/ Cyberflash crosses at 54 and loved it! The ultimate control setup just may be kevlar mains and slick copoly cross. Can’t wait to tru the GW!
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    Been reading a bunch of threads with info. on Ghostwire, bc I got some that I plan to use soon. I initially chose GW due to its alleged softness and good fit in hybrid, esp. as a slick cross. After ditching polys 6 year ago due to TE, been using Kev-Zyex and pretty happy with it. Lately, I...
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    Djokovic or Murray?

    lol that was in 08… Murray ended up being the clear beta in this matchup w/ insurmountable injuries while Novak went Glut. free/ vegetarian, got superfit, improved serve, vollies, consistency, etc. Novak basically trashed Murray lol. The rest is …. history.
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    Please, stop whining about next generation "failure"...

    Slams won by guys born in 80’s: 73 Slams won by guys born in 90’s: 1 (Thiem without beating any Big 3) WTF? Not only has Lost Gen. lacked mental toughness and an All Time Great, Next Gen. seems poised to be slam less until their late 20’s.
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    Next Gen will take over but

    More like Shapo took his own soul… His shot selection woes on big pts. continue as well as hesitance to approach net on big pts. as well as his DF’s. Novak was supposed to lose that match, but Nextgen. did its thing.
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    Djokovic Trailed Federer by 15 slams and Nadal by 8 slams in 2010

    On the other hand (& this has been said before, so I take zero credit for this other than mentioning it now), in Federer’s defense he played and won so many Halle’s and maybe some Queen’s Clubs (not sure about QC), which are not at Masters level, that these so called “big titles” are not...
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    Nadal and Djokovic are 3 years apart, not 1! And don't forget it!

    @Tigerlion, who wrote: “There is some mileage in this. Nadal vultured many slams before Djokovic got his first and Djokovic is vulturing many now Nadal is past his best.” So Nadal “vultured” slams before Djokovic got his first? Uhhh… you mean from scrubs like Roger Federer? Gotcha.