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    Wilson BLX Prostaff 95 review

    I received the prostaff this morning and was matched to stock specs by TW. I added 2 6' strips of lead to the 12 o'clock position and a leather grip along with a wilson pro overgrip. It is strung with RPM blast at 53# I have used the volkl PB 10 mid, Aerogel/4d/biomimetic 200, and K Six-One 95...
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    Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Vs Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90

    If the difference was playing in matches vs playing in practice, that is not the racket's fault. It is yours. That's like saying when you breathe with your eyes open, you're fine. But when you breathe with your eyes close, you have a panic attack. It is not the air's fault, it is yours. Ive...
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    Opinions on Forehand Swing Path for Junior Girls

    Well yes, ideally the women's strokes should emulate that of the men pros, but since all the pros start at a young age, and girls tend to be weaker than boys, this might be an unsolvable issue since the technique is set in stone unless they're willing to relearn the stroke when they reach their...
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    what do you pay for your racquet to be strung?

    I charge 10+cost of string
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    Opinions on Forehand Swing Path for Junior Girls

    Could it possibly be because of strength? ATP pros can arguably swing much faster with a shorter backswing than WTA pros can and maybe they need a longer takeback to compensate?
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    having wrist issue since...

    I'm not sure if your wrist problems are due to injuries, but I've fractured my wrist multiple times and I used to get wrist pains, but after fixing my form, they went away. I suggest icing it when you get off the court and try not to keep your wrist so stiff when hitting the ball
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    No more Pacific natural gut

    I've used pacific classsic 17g multiple times, and I've never had it snap or break in the racket prematurely. Are you sure it's the stirng's fault and not your own?
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    Restock Pacific Classic Gut 16

    Are there any plans to restock on pacific classic 17g? I haven't seen it here for a while
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    When do you decide which corner to hit?

    The worst thing you can do is to try and decide during your ball toss. Regardless of whether or not your opponent leans to the side you area planning on serving to, the indecision that comes from trying to change it will more likely than not miss the serve
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    Double faulting

    A topspin-slice serve is different than a kick serve in that for a righty, a topspin-slice will still bounce to the server's left while a kick serve will bounce to the server's right The best solution for a good second serve is to develop one with a lot of topspin, or learn a kick serve if you...
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    String for 12 year old boy for wilson blx blade 98

    I'm assuming you have a budget since you include that it must have gut comfort: Lower end: Forten Sweet syn gut (actually doesn't play that bad for a cheap string, very comfortable), have also heard good things about Gosen OG Sheep micro, Tecnifibre e-matrix Mid range: Babolat excel...
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    Any opinions on Tecnifibre ATP razor?

    Was browsing through the strings section and found: Has anyone used the Tecnifibre ATP Razor? I'm looking for a little bit of extra power from my poly that doesn't feel too soft. I...
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    Dunlop Tour bags

    Hi do the new Dunlop tour bags hold their shape? I'm specifically looking at the green one and don't want a bag that collapses on itself. Thanks
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    Dunlop racquet technology?

    Every company is like that, not only Dunlop
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    Strung or un-strung

    I feel that player's sticks come unstrung from where I am, New Jersey, but rackets made for the weekend or once in a while player usually comes strung.