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    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    And that was the progression that was playing out. Has everyone forgotten Dimitrov in IST vs Shortman? He got DQ’d - 1 pt short of the end. And he got fined and ripped too. Of course he was contrite afterwards, apologized profusely and said it would never happen again. This is Williams’ 3rf...
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    Does Uniqlo regret losing Novak now?

    I hope that’s a joke. Ridiculous. Back to the topic. No. For all we know Djokovic wanted a lot of money too. Uniqlo may have also been turned off by the rumors about his offcourt behavior.
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    Fed-Nike Vs Uniqlo

    Agree. The press loves to gush about what geniuses billionaires are. But some make plenty of silly moves - we just saw one. Warren Buffet can probably buy this guy 20 times over - and if the CEOs of one of his companies said ‘hey, I want to give this guy that’s about to retire a 10 yr $300 mil...
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    Div I player does not know how to pronate on serve?

    I tried google; couldn’t find anything. But I’m still standing behind not all D1 are powerhouse programs with great facilities, top coaches, etc. that attract top players. Thus the big delta in skill level.
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    Can you beat this girl?

    Sorry, nice try but not buying what you’re selling. Overhead is a more compact shot - less to go wrong. But requires better timing. Furthermore we watch the WTA - they make messes of 2nd serves where they get to place the ball where they want it and no footwork required.
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    Div I player does not know how to pronate on serve?

    Im surprised you’re surprised. 2 reasons. a) D1 isn’t all high level - no idea why but many small schools stay D1; it’s not all Stanford and UVA; b) women can get away with just having a serviceable serve to get the point started. I watch females juniors practice at one place I play; 90% of...
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    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    The shop I go to recommended TBS; it worked, and still generates plenty of spin with no discernible power loss, so I didn’t see any reason to keep looking.
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    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    I’ve had shoulder issues; found that the strings are the key for me. Even in the RF97A Tour Bite Soft produced no shoulder pain. Good luck.
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    Can you beat this girl?

    Agree with everything except ‘hit every shot’ - overwhelming majority WTA can’t even hit a real overhead out of the air - go with the swinging FH. And a lot of lame 2nd serves.
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    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    You might be waiting a long time. TW said they would have their demos ready Aug 30; still not available. The pro shop I go to: co-owner sent the 95s back - feels the ship has sailed on anything under 97. They already sold most of their 98s and 100s. I did want to demo it - but not a big deal...
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    In/Out Device

    I offered that up many pages ago - throw down talcum or baby powder so there’s a mark that can be measured. It would be a very quick, easy test.
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    Don't see how Del Potro ever beats Djokovic.

    I think you’re giving them too much credit; other than Fed and a few others getting into net is an afterthought and they probably spend almost no time practicing approaches; I know I have never seen it in all the time I’ve spent at the practice courts at tournaments. Besides, they also go CC...
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    $500,000 just to light Tennis Courts?

    Happened at 1 public facility I hit at; 1 of 7 courts converted. At one end there was at least an extra 12 feet behind the baseline so they could cram more courts in. Amazing how noisy it is; thankfully they aren’t early risers and my sunrise hits aren’t affected. Back to lights; one nearby...
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    Can you beat this girl?

    Pretty much sums it up. Might be a few 4.0 outliers who have big serves and can run around and hit FHs 98% of the time. But they’re probably really 4.5s who ‘manage’ their results. I’d love to see those claiming 4.0s could beat her: find a video of a non-sandbagger 4.0 with a BH that could hang...