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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    Head Arthur Ashe Competion series. Mercifully mine shattered into a wad of string and frame fragments after a mishit serve, and opened the door for buying a decent racquet.
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    Babolat Gold tennis balls

    Not only that, there is absolutely no mistaking the numbers. They take up half the ball and on occasion leave a reverse imprint of ball paint on your strings. It is really easy to judge ball rotation since you can read the number when it impacts your opponents racquet.
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    WeissCannon Ultra Cable Hybrids

    Signum Pro Polaris 1.20 mm cross works very well with a square profile string.
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    Lightest way to increase grip size?

    I’ve found friction tape accomplishes exactly the same result and is less squishy than gauze. Only need about a half mm on the circumference to make a 1/8 difference.
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    What is YOUR string of the year?

    Pair you won’t hear often: Grapplesnake Game Changer with Signum Pro Polaris cross. Spin and control like Ultracable, comfort and just enough power. Polaris is a great cross string.
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    Leaf Blowers

    Actually, yes. Or just walk. It’s about a mile through the woods. I consider myself lucky.
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    Leaf Blowers

    My wife got one of those also, so I often show up a few minutes early to blow off the court. It has Normal and Turbo modes. I find Turbo does the best job, but normally the battery dies about 3/4 of the way through, so it takes me two days of tennis to get the whole court, half a court each...
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    Clash100 vs head gravity mp

    Wow. This has the potential to be as much a religious argument as a practical one. I would lean a little toward starting a person with the lighter racquet. I've just gone through this with two very fit, strong middle aged guys, giving them a selection of racquets to use each time out, and...
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    Why Tennis Balls are an Environmental Disaster

    Agree that tennis balls will be at the bottom of page 23 in the listing of major environmental problems. They won’t even be high on the listing of sports impacts. Consider any sport using a large field of grass where we build a stadium and pave acres of land for parking lots, then rebuild the...
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    How to test tennis balls (measuring bounce)

    We have both the cold weather and altitude problems. Sea level pressurized balls play like super balls at 7000 ft, at least initially. One of the tricks is that below about 40 F, they play about right for a few days. Or we can just use Tretorns, that seem to have a pretty consistent bounce...
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    Tennis ball with valve

    I also remember in the 70s we had a pressurized can for storing balls. You closed the seal and use a bicycle pump to pressurize the can. Don’t remember that it was all that effective.
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    Which Is The Best OverGrip?

    Signum Pro makes one that is like velvet. Not terribly absorbent or durable, but works well for a week or so.
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    Which Is The Best OverGrip?

    All overgrips are made in China, with maybe a couple exceptions. It may sound like sacrilege to the major corporation supporters, but I have had very good luck with Alien Pro light tac, a cheap Chinese knockoff sold in medium large quantities by the big rainforest folks. They are half the...
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    Why Tennis Balls are an Environmental Disaster

    Good point. A few bottles for athlete are rather minor, especially if the tournament could make an effort to recycle the, which isn’t difficult in most venues. Regarding the larger problem of recycling balls, most of the current solutions are non-starters. Renewaballs cost on the order of...
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    Why Tennis Balls are an Environmental Disaster

    Agree with the worry about playgrounds. I'd never considered tennis balls particularly toxic (wool/polyethylene terphthalate on the cover? Like socks and water bottles), and I certainly hope they aren't picking up too much that is toxic off of the courts. I sometimes wonder about the white...