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    Tier One Black Knight question

    I've been using durafluxx 1.28 as of late and it'll be my string of choice from now on. Love the crisp deader feel, control, and spin. I feel like black knight notches much faster and it is softer than durafluxx. Just in my opinion the feel of black knight doesn't make me feel as confident. All...
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    volkl cyclone tour replacement

    Solinco revolution is a nice muted spin string. Perhaps not as soft and powerful as cyclone tour but wouldn't say it's very stiff or jarring either. Also topspin cyber blue is a very smooth blue and soft. Maybe tourna big hitter blue too but I've never used it
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I've used solstice power and elite xt. Phenomenal strings but a tad pricey. Don't think there are any close strings to pros pro but guess you could give strategem 8 a try but no promises that you'll find it even close.
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    Tier One Black Knight question

    I'd say it's a better and crisper version of volkl cyclone and it's price is pretty close to cyclone as well
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    Tier One Black Knight question

    Tourbite is slightly more dead than blacknight. Tourbite also has more spin than blacknight bc of its shape and lower power. Blacknight is more comfortable and has what most people would consider "more feel" than tourbite. Tourbite has better tension maintenance but probably attributed to its...
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I've never played with red devil but I'd string at same tension to see how it is then you can lower it from there if it's too tight.
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    Tier One Black Knight question

    It's a solid string, pretty much what'd you expect for a shaped poly. Good spin, good control, similar to tecnifibre black code, crisp feel. Much better than tour status at everything. Not sure if I like it more than durafluxx and FireWire tho.
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I'd reccomend 1.22 or even thinner since you don't break strings. Stratagem 5 seems to have good reviews
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    cyclone to Revolution

    I've tried both and I like Revolution better. Although cyclone is a few dollars cheaper, I found Revolution to be better in all categories. Spin is slightly more, tension maintenance is better, and cyclone feels more plasticky imo.
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    Memo to Solinco

    Personally I think black looks kinda boring probably cuz there are so many black strings. White on the other hand would look pretty cool
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    Novak Pro vs Barricade boost

    Both of them are pretty heavy tho but if you can handle the weight, go for the boost. Currently using Ubersonic 2s and they're phenomenal. Light, comfy, and feel pretty sturdy
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I've never tried revolve but a full bed of 1.22 mm had some good spin and a very solid feel.
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I hate to say it again but pros pros concept is the best string they've got imo, especially with gut mains because it is slick and has great tension maintenance.
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    power and spin strings for pure strike ( last help please)

    On the higher end, I'd reccomend diadem solstice power. Phenomenal string. Hyper g is also an awesome string as well. Definitely try tier one FireWire as well. Livelier than the usual polys, great control, and fantastic spin.
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    Tennis Warehouse: Volkl V-Pro Blue (16,17,18) Playtest

    What gauge did you receive? 16g Tension(s) used for playtest: 52 lbs / 50 lbs full bed Regular string set up: Tier one Black Knight 18g 56/54 lbs Racquet used for test: Head Graphene xt speed pro 18/20 Power of test string: found it to be pretty low powered but not as much as my usual set up...