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    Worst Team Tennis Scandal Ever - Welcome to Tennessee

    Same here. I have to say, where I live/play, the LLC runs it right, and doesn't mess with BS. A very small number of captains will still do their shady stuff (just cant help themselves), but over time everyone knows who they are, and the other caps do a nice job of policing things in a...
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    Why do clubs even host USTA leagues?

    In our area, the clubs give unused / non-peak court times to leagues, which the local assn pay for, so the club benefits by having those courts filled when they may otherwise be empty. It's a guaranteed revenue stream, and some clubs treat leagues as a marketing tool as well. The clubs who...
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    Five double faults in one service game

    crack open a beer. seriously.
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    Radical Team Building

    I'm trying to put myself in that person's position, and come up with a logical reason why anyone would do this. Can't think of one.
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    Preparing for League Matches

    50 yo here, started playing at 35 (past life was football/soccer/golf). where i live it's all hardcourts, and as a result i've def been feeling it. PT is on speed dial. As a result, i've gotten to where i absolutely must do a 15-20 min stretch routine before i leave the house for the match...
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    Fast-Four Format?

    exactly. i hated FF less during the NTRP sectionals and nationals, because a) we did not play lets, and b) i got something like 5-6 singles (and would have gotten around 3-4 more if i had played dubs). but adding no-let to FF to me means a match can wrap in literally 15's stupid.
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    tennis bag on bench?!?!

    hell no. if i sit, i'm done.
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    tennis bag on bench?!?!

    I cap teams, some of which are based out of schools or parks. I started keeping a small measuring tape, an adjustable wrench + zip ties/extra shoe strings in my bag for this very reason.
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    Doubles tactics

    i give the alley up early on purpose for that very reason. it's a low percentage shot, and i want the opponent to keep going for it. percentages are in my favor. last night the opponent got me on the alley about 4 times over the course of the match...beyond that, between them missing wide, or...
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    Custom Insoles

    I've bought OrangeInsoles for two pairs of my shoes. it's an outfit out of Michigan you can find online. NOTE: ive only used them in walking/boots/every-day shoes so far...not tried in my tennis shoes yet. they have great arch support (i have high arches)...but will be way less expensive...
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    Shoes for wide feet in 2021

    this sounds like me. tried the hypercourt, but the mesh body has a bit too much flexibility, so my foot would slide around inside the shoe, particulalry in the toe-box. also the arch in the hypercourt is not as high as the kswiss ultrashot. i moved to the ultrashot 2 when it came out ~3 years...
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    What sections are taking bonus bids for 2021 USTA Nationals?

    what the heck is the deal with blocking out the word m i d w e s t? geez...
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    What sections are taking bonus bids for 2021 USTA Nationals?

    interesting, and thanks for posting this. because of the locations, and since we need to thaw from the *******, my wife and i have done it the past two years -- we've turned it into a mini-spring break tennis trip. i generally dont care for the ff format either, but with 2-3 matches in one...
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    Court Fees

    Wow now we're getting deeper into the bizarre. Big bets on rec tennis?! Who the hell are capping these teams? The Duke Brothers? Good grief...
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    Rude to say "Match Point"?

    Interesting. Never thought much of it, and if any opponent has done this it's so insignificant to me, I haven't noticed. I personally always just call out the score as-is, in order to keep track of service-side and switching. The only exception is when playing no-ad, I'll change my score call...