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    USTA 3.5 Sectionals Quote of the Day

    back in 2015 my wife wife went to nationals as a 4.0. her overall record for the entire year was something like 18-6. She won one match at nationals and lost another. the person she lost to had a record something like 20-2. that person played in the championship match (lost). Neither that...
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    So uh, how's 2021 going for you?

    yeah it's weird to me all the day-play i get asked to do (and decline). I've been a remote worker for 15+ years...and I always get asked 'how do you stay focused, keep from distractions' etc...answer is simple: 1) the inbox is always full -- way to busy to screw around, and 2) prior to Covid...
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    So uh, how's 2021 going for you?

    my lifestyle dictates that even if there was a tourney i could enter every weekend, i'd only do one about 1-2 times per quarter. too much other stuff going on to make thet type of commitment to an entire weekend.
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    Does Anyone Else Find Matches Boring (but not tennis)?

    just watched the opelka/kyrios match from the other night @ toronto -- picked it up at 3-2 in the 2nd set. could barely get to the end of the set. i think there were like three rallies past 4 shots the whole time...i mean aces are fun but sheesh.
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    So uh, how's 2021 going for you?

    I tore meniscus in March, had surgery in May, so pulled out of all summer leagues/tourneys...bummer. started hitting again June 30. i cap 2 teams, leagues were pretty much normal with a slight dip in rosters but the 3.5 & 4.0 flights were about the same volume of teams/players overall. adult...
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    How to prepare for big matches

    cant recall exactly, but that's the general thrust i got from them. of course they said NO NSAID useage is better during stress of exercise/heat...the theory i recall them talking about is naproxen releases longer/slower, so during stress of exercise, when the system is trying to process the...
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    To all you league doubles enthusiasts who get upset when their partner misses.

    If its someone I've played 100's of matches with, for instance my wife, I'm more like, "For the thousandth time, if my CC return gets past the net person, get up to the net and quit hanging at the service line. They are killing us with DTL shots." you sleep on the couch a lot, don't you? :-D:-D
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    How to prepare for big matches

    as much as i love ibuprofen like pez candy, it's harsher on the kidneys than as preventative, esp in summer and while pre-hydrating, better to stick to naproxen...and as little as possible. this is from a couple of tennis/doc buds of mine...
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    When to retire if you’re cramping

    depends how much money is on the line. cramps can signal dehydration, but by then it's too late. I've made it thru a match i wish i had just retired...thankfully didnt have to go to ER, but very close...and a *really* unpleasant 24 hours after that. The ER/doc bills for that would have been...
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    Question about US OPEN

    any tix purchased are for the entire session. others may know better, but pretty sure a night session tix gets you in to the other new outer courts also -- we last went in 2010, so they've since added the round arena and also reconfigured armstrong and the one next so it. point is, back when...
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    Question about US OPEN

    a little bit of a different take...doing a whole day session and going straight into a night session makes for a very looooooong day...we've been to a number of large tourneys, and the back-to-back/day-night run almost winds up being too after a while it's all one big tennis match...
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    Motivation Issues Against Cheaters

    you have to beat 'em anyway. I get the same way mentally when i play pushers, because i couldn't solve the riddle and just got bored. i still do, but i've come to realize it's on me to make it fun, and i've learned to change my tactics a bit -- a different but similar issue. Your inquiry is...
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    Have you ever played against someone who appears "off" ?

    a few years ago i played in a local tournament (3.5). The draw was probably only ~20 guys max. my third opponent was a guy, at least 65+, long hair, wiry build, ben playing forever. guy pulled up in like an '85 chevy citation, says he travels all around playing tournaments every...
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    What to do during friendly matches against inferior players to improve my own game?

    wish i had this problem...HA! you can always place restrictions on yourself. for example you must hit a certain shot x number times before hitting the winner. i used to coach soccer. quite often our team completely outclassed the other team, and it would get ugly quick -- not fun for...
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    Worst Team Tennis Scandal Ever - Welcome to Tennessee

    Same here. I have to say, where I live/play, the LLC runs it right, and doesn't mess with BS. A very small number of captains will still do their shady stuff (just cant help themselves), but over time everyone knows who they are, and the other caps do a nice job of policing things in a...