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    Most Famous Woodies?

    As a young player alive only in the time of graphite and this whack technology, I was wondering what some of the most famous WOOD racquets were. Which specific models are the most famous woodies?
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    Barack Obama Racket!

    Too bad socialism doesn't win on the tennis court! Obama '08!
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    FS: Wooden Racquets

    Any chance #2 is still available? I realize that this is like a year and a few months since your original post. I'm also somewhat interested in the other wood racquets you have listed. Please let me know. THANKS!
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    Does a replacement grip really need glue on the back?!

    Not all of them do. Some have double-sided tape that comes with them and some are obviously made with adhesive on them directly. I supposet the grips can shift slightly after a while of use. Just get the ones that have no adhesive on the back or the ones that come with the tape.
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    Nadal likes PS3

    Yeah, it's probably a deal with Sony or something. $$$ But who would base their buying decision of a new game/console if Nadal is in it or not? Also, PS2 & 3 is what's most popular in Europe (where they don't have as many videogame XBOX nerds as in the states).
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    Does Miami have the fattest linesmen(women) and ballgirls?

    Because it's an American tournament? IDK. Actually the kids at the US Open aren't fat.
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    Barricades are so friggin uncomfortable.

    Maybe I'm lucky, but the Barricade IV's really hold my mid-foot very well. The shape is just perfect. The seem somewhat bulky, but really not that big an issue for me.
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    **Offical Nadal**

    This is probably my favorite thread.
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    Favorite things about '08 Aussie Open

    This was a great tournament this year. I, for one (and maybe the only one), liked that someone other than Federer was in the final. It was much more interesting. I love grand slams. I can't wait for the rest.
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    why is Fed missed in a final.

    I think it's refreshing. To see someone other than Fed (or Nadal) in a final. It's more exciting, change is good. I like Fed, but I see him play ALL THE TIME. I don't even like Joko.
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    Nadal days in the top 10 numbered

    It's just ONE match. You can't tell anything this early. I'm not a big Rafa supporter, but it's true. I think he'll win the FO, but probably not get back to the Wimbledon final.
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    Nadal is going to win the AO and heres why

    Haha, but this is the best Nadal has ever done in a hard court grand slam. And he had the easiest draw you could ask for, even for a #2 seed.
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    How about a Fed/Tsonga final? .....Tsonga wins

    I like Fed, but I think Tsonga would totally make things so much more interesting at least for a few weeks. Tsonga already beat 3 top 10 players, of course Fed is totally different from them. Good luck, and go Tsonga. If he's playing Joko, then I'm DEFINITELY rooting for Tsonga. But...
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    Fed vs Tipsarovic coverage in the US

    Yeah, I was up 'til 4:30 AM watching it. Incredible. ESPN2 has had like 15 hours of straight live coverage.