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    Do you know anyone alive who actually uses the stock leather grip ?

    I always put an overgrip on them, but I prefer having the leather grip.
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    Time to replace my raquets, but no idea what to get

    What about something like the ProKennex Ki 15 (300)? The Prince 107G would be my second thought.
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    Which Pro Kennex racquet to buy

    I'd be looking at the Ki Q+ 15, or the Ki 15 if you want a little more weight. Both are 105". The only thing that might take a little adjusting to is that they are extended frames, 27.5" instead of the standard 27". I personally like extended frames, I use a Prince Graphite Longbody (which...
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    Help suggest racquets I can try/ demo

    I agree with the rest. Try a change of string/tension first. Go to the midplus version of the radical, and if you want to try the POG again, the phantoms have the 100g, 100g LB, and 107g, the entire phantom line is pretty easy on the arm.
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    No more Prince Beast Pro LB?

    LB (particularly 28" versions) just don't sell well. The new 100G LB is probably the closest thing.
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    Any Prince Phantom 100G Comparisons to the PCG 100 (or LB versions)

    For those that have played with the LB, which version of the PCG LB did you have I have one from 2008, and three from the ~2014 runs, and the newer runs feel completely different. Weight is very polarized in the handle/tip, harder on the arm, whereas my 2008 feels like all the weight is in the...
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    Gamma Big Bubba 29

    I played with one for like 5 minutes maybe 15 years ago, biggest racquet on the market. It was like hitting with a trampoline.
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    Pure Aero line and Babolat users, especially those with arm issues, how have you made your racquet more comfortable (and safe)?

    If arm problems are a concern, I'd say look at ProKennex, easily the most arm friendly frame I've ever hit with.
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    racket buy doubt

    I'd avoid a shorter than standard racquet. If you choke up on the racquet and still want the same reach as those that don't, look into an extended frame, your options are pretty limited though. And "designed for women"? It's a tennis racquet, gender has nothing to do with it.
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    Extended length racquets with good control (Babolat PA+, Dunlop CX 200+, ProKennex Ki Q+ 5X Pro)

    Have the ProKennex. Easily one of the most arm friendly racquets I've ever hit with. I like the weight/sw, offers easy power without sacrificing control. You get used to the 'sand' sound very quickly. I prefer an open pattern, so I felt like my spin was missing a bit compared to my main...
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    Low power beginners racquet?

    the new prince phantom 107g would be an option as mentioned. It's oversized but lower powered (relative to most OS frames). ProKennex Ki 15 (300) would be another, lighter than the 107g, heavier than your head graphene. ProKennex frames are super arm friendly, which is nice.
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    Extended Length Users -- Difference between a 28" and 27.5" Racquet

    I've been using the POG LB for quite a while, I never had issues adjusting to the length. My 2008 is balanced *completely* differently to the 2014ish ones, and it's super easy to swing despite being the same static weight. I don't know what Prince changed with the 2014 re-release, but they...
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    Is a Prince Phantom 93P 18x20 a good racket for a 5.0?

    I used to use the 93 POG recreationally. The racquet really makes you work, but it's rewarding when you do. The problem, as others said, comes from when you have to play defensively. If you like the feel of the 93p, I'd look at one of the 100 options if you want to stick with prince.
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    Hopefully the longbody weight distribution isn't as wonky as the 2014ish release. I've got one from 2008 and three from the second group, and the balance of the 2008 is so much better for me, weight is more evenly distributed, whereas the 2014 ones the weight is all in the handle and the head...
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    Modern equivalent for Ozone Tour?

    I'd think one of the prince phantoms would be similar. Maybe the Phantom 100 that has the o-ports? ProKennex makes incredibly arm friendly racquets, I'd check them too.