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    Wilson Baiardo Owners Manual

    Same time you clean the teeth. Just gonna leave this here.
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    Tim and IART are the reason I'm stringing at tournament events to this day. Speaking of which @Tim Strawn still selling tools? I need to pick some things up before February.
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    Querrey switches to Babolat

    In hindsight this is kind of funny. Poor prince couldn't even afford to send him racquets.
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    Great video herb!
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    JC & Tennis Machines

    He's the best in the industry hands down.
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    Wilson QC sux big time

    .... Radical?
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    There should be some reviews coming up before the end of the year. I'll get some links as soon as they're available.
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    Wilson's release plan

    Imagine going to a shop that's barely making it and saying "hey I need you to get 16 different models all at the same time". Staggered releases help both the company, retailer, and consumer.
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    @Babolat Official. This declined quickly huh?
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    I'm gonna check with Dave Bone on that one when I see him in a month haha. I'll be doing ITAs with the L in February. Maybe I'll do a live stream and we'll see how it holds up. Dollar for dollar I have a lot of faith in it compared to any machine in the industry.
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    I've traveled with the L several times now. I can tell you that I can get it set up by myself in under 5 minutes. I don't think the clamp bases stand up to the star 5. But again you can upgrade to the original gravity clamp bases if you prefer.
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    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    17 minutes, blade v7 alu lime. 2 piece 48/46. Does anyone have a box pattern video?
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    Correct. These are interchangeable and can be purchased directly from Wilson in 2020. No pricing as of yet.
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    This is false, the clamps are completely interchangeable. You do need different glide bars however if changing the bases.
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Based on Wilson SI this is likely true. Based on RA it is not. However RA will likely no longer be used in 5-10 years since babolat is no longer producing RDC machines and you cannot calibrate the current ones.