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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Based on Wilson SI this is likely true. Based on RA it is not. However RA will likely no longer be used in 5-10 years since babolat is no longer producing RDC machines and you cannot calibrate the current ones.
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    Wilson Clash string setup and at what tension

    Just wanted to comment on lux smart, this poly was designed to play between 40-48lbs regardless of string pattern. Anything over will change the tensile pattern that the technology is designed to play around.
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    Wilson Clash the Most Flexible Racket Ever Made?

    RA is unfortunately not a good way to measure racquet flex. The main pressure point is measured from the throat of the racquet, completely different from real on court impact where the pressure point is the players hand. Also rdcs are not able to be calibrated and the reading can be different...
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    Anyone has a Wilson Baiardo? Question about the puller head

    MC, you are correct. there is a small insert tool (L wrench) which comes with the machine used to tighten this and thereby tighten the gripper for thinner gauge strings. I'm unsure of the exact size the L wrench needs to be but i'm sure i can find out if you don't have one on hand.
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    Tennis Warehouse's How to String a Racquet Video

    The USRSA might not but the IART / GSS does (Forum made up of mostly Tour and Shop stringers). I guess the question would be which one is more reputable based on author, but i'd rather keep it how it is based on the fact that it is for beginners.
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    I can confirm this definitely will not fit.
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    Problem Stringing New Pure Aero frame

    Babolat is actually one of the most consistent companies in terms of grommets. The pure drive and aero pro grommets hadn't changed for almost 10 years before these 2 new frames. Grommets / stringing pattern are literally the very last things most manufacturers consider when designing new...
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    Bad practice?

    A lot of people do this towards the end of the racquet especially with Poly. Normally you would cut just enough to finish the racquet and then weave through the entire length of the string through each string. This is pretty odd, especially for a tour stringer. I've seen this done several...
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    Just used the Alpha Ghost - high quality machine!

    I think the main thing I find with machines like the baiardo and the star 5 is that with proper care they will be machines that you can string 5 to 10 thousand racquets with and have no maintenance problems. I'm not sure that the ghost will have the same longevity.
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    Babolat 5 Star Question

    Do you mean that he is stringing the racquets at +5 kg on the mains and -3 on the crosses or that you are testing the strings with a tension gauge after having the racquets returned? If you use the tension gauge this is not an actual test of the strung tension but rather the dynamic tension...
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    Do you charge for fitting bumper guards/grommets?

    Our labor is included in the price of the grommets, 16 dollars. 20 for restringing, 20 for racquet matching. Pretty standard.
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    Saving your fingers!?

    I string on average 10 racquets a day. You adjust, there's really no secret to it that i know of.
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    A Few "Less than Ideal" practices that I have seen in Tennis shops in my area:

    I had lunch today when i got done with the mains on a racquet because it was probably the only time i was going to get a 10 minute break the entire day. I came back and finished the racquet immediately after. All together the racquet was on the machine for maybe 35 minutes tops. Even if I had...
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    String that is biggest pain to string?

    I did a couple sets of alu power rough today, wasn't bad at all. My least favorite is Xcel 17g. Anyone who strings a lot will probably understand why.
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    Racket frame 0.08 inch smaller after restringing poly cross

    One day I will care enough to partake in one of these conversations.... maybe tomorrow.