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    Mecir's style of Play versus Rafa on clay

    It would be interesting. Mecir, the Big Cat, was a very good player at one time breaking into the top 5. He had an unorthodox hitting style and seemed to keep the racket on the ball somehow longer. IN reality he had very good disguise and feel. He was particularly effective against the Swedes...
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    Nadal can still easily surpass/match Federer's Slam count

    Personally, I say he has one slam left in him if the stars align and alot of players kill each other off in his draw. The guy is a step slower and injuries tend to accumulate. But so what if he doesnt win another. The guy has achieved real greatness in his sport no matter how you look at it.
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    L Mayer's take on Nadal and Federer

    Nadal is like a lefty flamethrower that throws a 100mph hastball like Randy Johnson. Fed is like Greg Maddox he throws a 90mph fastball but it moves all over the place and he can spot it for a strike. But also gets you with a viscous slider, curveball and off speed pitch.
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    Reasons Why Nadal Dominated Federer During Their Prime?

    A couple of things. Being a lefty gives Nadal a huge advantage on break points. He can serve on his deuce side (compared to a right handed player serving ad on those points) which is almost always the stronger serve for players because they can hit that sharp wide serve to the backhand. You...
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    Best 'Footwork' Ever.

    For the most part players from the 70s and 80s had better footwork. The rackets were unforgiving and they were constantly engaged in long rallies. If you found yourself hitting off the back foot or not enough time to close your shoulders, you were going to send the ball short. Today, you just...
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    McGregor to face Roger Federer at Madison Square Garden late September if the "money is right"

    In all seriousness, McGregor going ten rounds with Mayweather is insane. Its like the best squash player losing to Federer 75 63 in a tennis match with only 6 months of coaching.
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    Federer more mentally tough than given credit?

    He was always mentally dont win 19 slams unless you are tough. But I think AO 17 finals gave him some extra belief he did not previously possess. Even though he was down in the fifth, he kept fighting and was getting break points despite Nadal playing at a very high level. Ever...
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    Federer : The new gen isn't strong. Everyone plays the same brand of tennis.

    Not sure f this is a slight against wide receivers but they have insane situational awareness. They are also engaged in one on one or one or even two throughout the game.
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    Have you met your favorite player? What did you say?

    Back when he was still playing, Wilander came and sat next to me during a match I was watching. I didnt say anything since he seemed really into the match. Still, I was a huge fan and it was really cool. I seem to remember seeing a retired Connors at the event as well during kind of a meet...
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    Does Fed need wimbledon#8 to be the GOAT grass player ?

    As a Fed fan, No. Its all just gravy at this point.
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    How do you beat this Nadal on Clay?

    Nadal likes to cheat to one side, especially on clay. Thiem is really the first guy he will see in the tournament with a big enough game to make Nadal play straight up but he has to actually do damage with his opportunities rather than spray errors. I see the game on Thiem's racket. A big...
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    Does Nadal have the best forehand of all time?

    No because he can't handle pace. It's great at swatting away sitters but it falls to pieces when it's attacked.
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    Who is greater? Andy Roddick or Michael Chang?

    This is an interesting discussion. Really, you have two players who would have been great in the era they thought they were going into, Chang in the all court small racquet era of the golden age of the 80s, and Roddick, in the big serve fast court age of the late 90s. But both then found...
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    Does rafa even go to indian wells?

    I agree almost all greats I have seen have gone like this or worse. Borg just hung it up. Wilander tried to hang in there but started losing to no names early on rather consistently. Mac tried to hang on but was getting overpowered on every side by the new kids. Some exceptions are Lendl...
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    Has Nadal really imroved?

    This is being over analysed. He has lost a step and thats it. In Nadal's prime, he had such burst speed that he could play WAY back and still cover all the angles. Its the reason he has been so dominant on clay. It was impossible to punch through his defence. Now....he is just a pretty fast...