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    Net Clearance

    No. At least not on hard courts. I've been to Indian Wells multiple times and watched a number of the top 50 players from almost court level. Note that Indian Wells courts are slow hard courts. Most rally balls are not clearing the net by 8-10 feet (Over 11' in the air). Most rally balls are...
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    Trans post was removed.

    Yes. I have sympathy for TW. The whole issue at this point in time is a minefield with angry people on both sides, so who wants to get involved in that? In fact, the USTA policy at the rec-level is basically just a dodge. They don't want to deal with any hassle so any sex can play in any...
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    Trans post was removed.

    I hope everyone has learned a lesson from that thread. The lesson I learned from that thread is that if you don’t like what other poasters are saying, start accusing them of racism and you can quickly get the thread pulled. If you recall, the thread had nothing to do with race until a...
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    BNP Paribas Open | Indian Wells 2020

    The new rules also prohibit outside food and drinks. Except for a small sealed non-frozen water bottle. I always used to bring in a small bottle of sports drink (sealed), a plastic water bottle filled with ice, and a few salty snacks. I found I needed the salt in the desert.
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    Improving after mid 40's?

    Didn't read through all the answers, so I may be retreading old ground. But, yes, improvement is possible. Obviously it is easier if you are not playing at a high level when you enter your 40s. As a general rule, the 4.5 & 5.0 guys are going to have more difficulty improving than the below 4.0...
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    The Ernests' Earnest Journey Towards Elitism!

    Gulbis finally got that monkey off his back. No, not finally getting a win over Nadal. Even better. Ernests finally has a win over Tomic. He gave Tomic a beat down in the Delray qualifiers, 6-2; 6-0.
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    Thoughts on 3 socks?

    Most people want space between the end of their toes and the front. Why do you find that a problem?
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    The Ernests' Earnest Journey Towards Elitism!

    You'd think that Adidas would send him a few more boxes in his size given that they're not having to pay him to wear them anymore.
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    The Ernests' Earnest Journey Towards Elitism!

    Yes he has. But from the video I've seen of last year, he hardly hit any forehands during his slump. He mostly reverted to pushing the ball back with slice on the forehand side.
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    2020 Australian Open - Men's Singles - Official Tournament Thread

    I only saw the first two sets, but at that point it seemed that Sandgren was going to straight set Berrettini. Berrettini was having difficulty ripping his fh in the windy conditions and Sandgren was not only playing smart by giving Berrettini a lot of topspin on his fh so the wind could play...
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    The Ernests' Earnest Journey Towards Elitism!

    I have yet to watch the later sets, but Ernie was feeding of FAA's pace in the opening set. Ernie was actually hitting topspin cross court forehands, I kid you not. In the first games, the Ernie backhand was spraying as often as the forehand. Again, very odd. OJ, I mean FAA, couldn't handle the...
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    Shoulder Bursitis/Shoulder Impingement - overuse but maybe poor technique?

    I'm a fan of dead hanging from a bar as part of shoulder maintenance/rehab as promoted by Dr. Kirsch. He believes that a dead hang lessens impingement and stretches the acromion arch. I suggest starting with a bar where you can keep your feet on the ground at the beginning. These days, I hang...
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    What did you do today?

    Played 4.5 doubles match. Won, as did my team.
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    Hydration Specialist - Ask Us ANYTHING! (episode available now!)

    I often have a cup or two of coffee before a morning match. Is coffee actually a diuretic? Is there anything besides water that I should drink (eat) along with my coffee prior to the match?
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    Anyone see Game Changers on Netflix?

    Tracking the direction of causation is difficult. I've seen articles about studies of vegans in Europe showing that veganism is attractive, for some reason, to people with higher levels of mental illness. My hypothesis is that crazy people like extreme things. Also, for many people, veganism...