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    Babolat Jet Mach 3, does the improvements make this best shoe in market ?

    According to TW, the Babolat Propulse Fury AC has a slightly narrow forefoot. So which is it?
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    How many people here buy multiples of a shoe they like ahead of time?

    I burn through about three pairs a year. At that rate, your current collection would last me ... a very long time. I've recently bought three pairs of the same shoe, but I got them at a very bargain basement price. Usually, I don't like to tie up much money in shoes, unless it is a wide...
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    What is the best way to estimate service speed?

    You have to separate the wheat from the chaff here. A few characters here lose their minds whenever an amateur says he can serve over 100mph, which is why you'll sometimes see low-balling of serve speed videos. That and it can be difficult to judge speed based on online video, given different...
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    What are the lighter tennis shoes for wide feet?

    Adidas SoleMatch Bounce are relatively wide and on the lighter side of midweight shoes. They have more lateral support than Babolat SFX3s and a wider forefoot outsole which makes them more stable in hard lateral stops or slides.
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    Word of the day

    I recall the term Perfidious Albion from "The Candlemaker's Petition," a famous satire of protectionism by Frederic Bastiat, who most economists consider the greatest popular economic essayist. I don't know if most people in France today would still recognize it as an insult for England (or I...
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    Persimmon!!! Wow!!!

    I planted a persimmon tree a number of years back. I checked it this morning and it's finally getting blossoms. Two years ago, it produced about 30 pieces of fruit. Last year I only got two.
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    Anybody here into e-bikes aka electric bicycles?

    Electric scooters are completely safe, especially if you make your own rules.
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    What did you last eat?

    Made a rib roast for Mother's day. It was delicious. I slow cook it in the oven with a thermometer in the center that triggers an alarm at 117F. Take it out and then quick sear the outside on an outdoor grill on full, flipping often until the outside is browned and the internal is between 130-135F.
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    Constructive critique on my service motion please (return to tennis after 15 years)!?

    Looks very good. Your motion overall reminds me a bit of Krajicek. In terms of maximizing pop, I think it is just a matter of getting your timing and contact point optimized. Since your elbow position and overall form looks solid, that should come with practice and improved consistency. Stay...
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    Supplements for Athletes over 50?

    I've got a pesky squamous cell carcinoma on my arm that needs to be cut off. My father had to have skin cancers cut off his head and face, and I've inherited a bit of his ease in getting skin cancer. That's the main reason I tend to wear hats that shade my face and neck when I'm outside...
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    Supplements for Athletes over 50?

    I might not have my D supplementation optimized. However, I live in San Diego County, so I'm at a low enough latitude that I could get vitamin D from the sun year round. I'm able to spend 10-15 minutes outdoors only in shorts around midday most of the year. I wear a sun hat and need to start...
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    Supplements for Athletes over 50?

    I supplement Vitamin C (I have a powdered form I put in water and drink with a straw 500mg doses), zinc, magnesium, Knox gelatin & occasionally B-vitamins. I supplement vitamin D during the winter and get it from the sun the rest of the year.
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    Athletes on vegan

    Why does anyone believe articles about athletes claiming to be vegan? I've known a few "vegans" and they eat meat when no one is looking. Trusting that someone is vegan because they say it is like believing that extremely muscular online "fitness influencers" are not on steroids because they...
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    Slowing the shoulder down

    Because we want to hit the ball hard. Also, why shouldn't slowing down the torso rotation increase accuracy by having fewer moving parts?
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    Recovery Boots?

    Those seem quite expensive. I believe an active cool-down workout (active stretching, rolling, bodyweight exercises) would be a more efficient and effective way of moving lymph fluid to encourage workout recovery. Or if you have access to a masseuse, that would help your recovery.