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    THIS is how you make people love tennis again

    Blasphemy! Tennis is now boring? Heresy! How can tennis be boring when we have 4,236 rallies of 1,798 shots every match? People want sustained ball bashing. That is real tennis! Not the cissy big serve 2-volley stuff or God forbid, that all-court attacking rubbish!!!
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    2019 wimby was a huge setback for "next gen"

    The way tennis is going, we'll probably see the finest clay court tennis played at Wimbledon in a few years ' time. And as for Roland Garros, we will have the greatest displays of dinglydonglypinglypongly ever seen in any era!
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    Double Server rare tactic to serve at the receiver’s partner to win point!

    I know we actually won the point as it was the wrong guy who actually volleyed the serve before the ball hit the ground.
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    Double Server rare tactic to serve at the receiver’s partner to win point!

    Ha ha it happened to me. My opponents were playing I-formation and I bunted the ball just over the net right at him. He was so surprised, he volleyed it for a winner while his partner was screaming at him to let it go. The guy was sporting enough to give us the point.
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    Should/will Berrettini be fined like Tomic?

    Obviously Bernie's Brigade will be looking for any excuse or comparison while conveniently ignoring the difference between tanking and being rolled over by a tank.
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    Tsonga to beat Nadal in 5 sets!

    And he seemed like such a nice guy too... Knee injury? Karma?
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    Wimbledon Highlights

    I noticed something from watching the YouTube videos though, and that is the very few Screamerovas and Wailingcics around in the Women's section. Not many Cummeronas either...or is all that merely my imagination?
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    Tennis truly has evolved.

    Tennis has evolved? When it's all dinglydonglypinglypongly play? Sorry but I come from an era whensingle-handed and 2-handed baselines, sv-ers and allcourt players could be seen regularly on tour. Now, if you pixelated their faces, I bet nobody could tell who was whom.
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    Haase: "Practicing on grass is useless"

    Is this an idjit meme? Professor X is a telepath - not a psychokinetic mutant...oh wait...sorry, I didn't notice the face. Yeah, I can understand why this meme guy can make a mistake like that now...
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    Ivanisevic: It means a great deal when Novak calls you

    I am just glad that Novak has put on some muscle again, judging from the picture, and doesn't look like he's starving himself any more.
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    Cori Gauff? Americans next superstar?

    OMG I had to make my own catgut with the real thing!
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    FlipTsitsipas: Big Four Wimbledon Dominance is Boring

    Dear God please strike me dead first before I ever have to watch anything like that again...
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    Simon to win Wimbledon

    I wonder if Simon would get more power if he relaxed his shoulders a bit more on the backhand. He looks as if he's tensing up his right shoulder a lot, especially.