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    Roddick clothes

    Honestly does this guy really need to wear a polo 2 sizes too big? Looks ridiculous and can't imagine it encourages many to buy Lacoste.
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    Nike Shirt - When is this from?

    Little clue- on every label inside Nike products at the top it has a little code. F11 would be for the current lines that are out.
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    Nike Fall 2011

    I bought the medium jacket and it's probably a little bigger than ideal for me so I would guess if you want a nice fitting one you might be best going for Large. I'm not too sure of the measurements though
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    Nike Fall 2011

    Around 5 9" and 168lbs. I use a lot of tennis crews for running and like a tight fit. If I was using it solely for tennis then I guess a medium would probably have been a better call.
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    Nike Fall 2011

    These just arrived today The Nadal Polo is great, picked it up in small. The only downside is the sleeves are very short but it still looks great. Love the warm up top too.
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    What is your "signature" fashion?

    I have a pair of the Albert Portas shoes you are talking about!They have seen better days but I love the design of them
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    Nike Motion Polo Pics (Europe Exclusive)

    Hey incase anyone wanted to see live pics of these I thought I would upload some pics of me in the top. Picked it up last week.
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    Kieffer's shirt

    pity they dont make the green shirt as a tennis shirt-both that and the red one would sell by the bucket and are miles better than the current diadora batch
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    Personalised tennis trainers

    a tennis company here in the uk does that for about $25(£15).cant name them though-surprised TW doesnt offer this service
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    How do you all like your sergio tacchini apparel?

    anyone got pics of this years stuff-cant find any about anywhere.
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    Sergio Tacchini 2006

    Oh dear.Looks like they have signed that waste of space cretin Xavier Malise.The shirt he was wearing was pretty rubbish looking too
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    Sergio Tacchini 2006

    Anyone seen the lines or have any pics of them?What kinda colours and style are they?They are my favourite brand at the moment although I am a little worried as they dont have any top players wearing their gear at the moment
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    Diadora apparel

    I'd imagine they would be out early 2006-like many companies Diadora obvioulsy decided to preview next seasons clothing at the year end championships