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    String suggestion similar to YPTP 1.25 Yellow but with better string retension

    Well, the new poly tour rev is very comfortable and plays very good until breaking. It does not seem to have that dropping off the cliff thing that many other strings have. But as far as I know it's not on sale yet for the general public. Contrary to Yonex's claims, it is not a spin monster even...
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    who need to spend a fortune

    Of course it's not but there is a huge difference in quality. Some will last for days, some for years. I usually use Nike Court T-shirts...the basic single colored ones. They are good quality but man the amount of dye that goes out of them when you wash them for the first few hurts...
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    WTB: 2 or 3 matching frames MP size similar to Babolat Pure Drive

    I have 2x Wilson Clash to sell.
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    Babolat & Yonex bags. Opinions?

    I have a Babolat Pure Aero bag I bought 1.5 years ago and it's still ok. I like the bag. One of the zippers on the side pocket can get stuck slightly but that's due to me not being careful. I switched to Yonex rackets and will be switching to a Yonex bag too due to brand loyalty. I will be...
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    My 100’s came in at 297g and 298g. Perfect balance too. I love Yonex.
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    Hyper G Alternative

    1.15, 1.20, 1.25, 1.30 Black blue and yellow. Yellow is the most popular.
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    Hyper G Alternative

    PTP is easy on the arm. Much more so than HG or HG soft in my opinion. I had all 3 in my Ezone 100.
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    FS: (2x) Wilson Clash 100, size 3, 9/10

    180 EUR for both rackets.
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    Most Pros are using stock racquets

    Maybe Yonex did that for Stan because he uses a heavy racket. Was yours an actual match used racket? Whatever pro stock Yonex or Babolat I got my hands on (that is played on tour) it was just made to the exact specs that the player wanted and in the latest paint job. That's it. I've compared...
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    Most Pros are using stock racquets

    I see there's a lot of thought in this forum that the players are using some magic wand tennis rackets. The fact is that most tennis players are given retail frames to test when switching brands or something like that. They are also of course given the new models to test just in case they'd...
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    Shoes for wide feet in 2021

    I have a wide-ish forefoot and the Gel Resolutions 8 fit me well. Might not be for everyone tho.
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    FS: (2x) Wilson Clash 100, size 3, 9/10

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson Clash 100 Grip Size / Size: 3 Quantity: 2 Head Size (if a racquet): 100 Condition (x out of 10): 9 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 1x about 6 hours played, 1x about 15hrs played. *General Description (including...
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    it is very expensive yeah with 240€ on TWE. But I am sure in a month or two the prices will go down anyway as usual...