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    Ezone 100 vs 98 arm friendliness

    Thanks for the feedback. So, my “fears” came true. Although the poll shows a heavy advantage to the 98, people’s stories make this confusing. I will be testing all 3 new Ezones next week so let’s see what happens. If not I will go back to my Clash even though I am very disappointed with the...
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    Is the Thiem forehand ATG ?

    Definitely one of the best forehands on tour right now.
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    Yonex Grip Sizes

    The Tenis Spin guy said this exact same thing about the new Ezone.
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    Ezone 100 vs 98 arm friendliness

    Hi everyone, I have heard contradicting reports about which one is more arm friendly. 98 is more flexible (64) but some say that it's not the most arm friendly thing. The same people say that the 100 (69) is more arm friendly. I have heard opposite claims as well (due to the stiffness). I...
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    String for Ezone 100 (2020)

    I cut it out after 5 hrs so I cannot say. But it seemed pretty durable as the notching was minimal.
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    Which gauge should I choose?

    Yes, so my goal is to find a string that I can break in around the 10-12 hour mark. Which would mean I get the most use out of it. I have no problem replacing a string before it breaks but since a thinner gauge provides more power and spin, why not use that and break it.
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    Which gauge should I choose?

    I was planning on using Yonex PTP, maybe PTP with PTS mains. I like my stick at around 225g/230g strung. Adding lead is not a problem. The weight difference between 1.15 and 1.25 can easily be replaced by adding 1g at 3/9. I hit with spin and not that hard. During the winter, once a week for...
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    Which gauge should I choose?

    That is very well said. Thank you for this. Yeah, I restring when I feel that the string is not offering the same amount of elasticity. Or more precisely, when I feel that even new balls become heavier on my racket. That is usually when I can also see that the strings stay out of place. Usually...
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    Which gauge should I choose?

    Hi guys, So, I like smaller gauges. 1.15 feels better than 1.25 imo. Every string I tried. More spin, softer, more power. I break 1.15 in about a month. Which I'm totally fine with. My question is, how much quicker would 1.15 lose it's playability before snapping than 1.25? What would you...
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    Do any atp or wta pros play with full multi?

    Would probably break too soon as even full bed poly can break in under a set...
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    Looking for Soft Poly

    Hyper G soft?
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    String for Ezone 100 (2020)

    Have you tried poly tour spin? GREAT bite and control. I loved it but it was a bit too underpowered for me. Maybe try it with PTP crosses. I've also seen people use the Ezone 100 with Hyper G. Maybe try the new Hyper G soft.
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    Signum Pro X Perience

    I am concerned with comfort, that is why I play with the Clash. I tried a lot of polys in the Clash recently and I've strung them all at 54 lbs. To me, it is more comfortable than Hyper G. But as our swings are all different, I do not see why an opposite outcome can be achieved. THe...
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    Polyester string maximum life time in general 45 minutes of play time.

    That was my point. It goes dead even if you let it sit in a frame for a year. Faster if you play. Usually its both combined. Playing stretches it more so it loses its elasticity faster. You can buy new car tyres, let them sit for 5 years and they’ll be undriveable.
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    Shoes with high toe box?

    I have the same problem on my big toe usually. But with the Vapor X's and double socks it's fine.