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    2013 Wimbledon WTA F: [15] Marion Bartoli vs. [23] Sabine Lisicki

    Bartoli deserves the title... with a little bit of fate along the way of course.
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    2013 Wimbledon WTA F: [15] Marion Bartoli vs. [23] Sabine Lisicki

    Too much fist pumping in womens tennis..
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    Who is the WORST commentator??

    I feel sorry for all the listeners who have had the misfortune of listening to Rob Koenig and Luke Jensen over the years..
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    How long does it take to string a racquet?

    Around 40 minutes for me on an old Gamma Progression - 2 string poly/syns most of the time. Mostly string Wilson PS85 or the newer 90 sq in Wilsons so its much easier. If I'm stringing more than one, the subsequent string jobs get faster as I get into a rhythm.
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    Are China Prostaff 85 rarer than St Vincent?

    Hi Bobby Jr, can I check which shops in Singapore did you see the PS85? thanks
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    Calling Prostaff Midsize or 6.0 85 owners...

    The PS85 6.0 needs about 15ft in the crosses (cutting it close) or 16ft to be safe.
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    KPS88: Does adding lead tape to the handle contribute easier backhand swing?

    I have the same exact problem with you to generate heavy topspin using the KPS88. The problem was partially solved by using a hybrid string job with poly on the mains and syn gut on the crosses and adjusting the string tension to something that is comfortable to you. FYI, I came from a leaded...
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    Why on Earth is my KPS88 so HEAVY?

    Weigh them at the balance pt is the most consistent method I guess. Both my KPS88s both weight 13oz flat with a dampener and Wilson pro overgrip. balance at 9pts HL unstrung and 6pts HL strung. I did test out a friend's KPS88 and his racket weighed the same (with a dampener and overgrip) but...
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    BLX90 or KPS88

    Depends which KPS88 you get. I have 3 from TW - 2 are 6pts HL and play very different from the one that is 9pts headlight. All of them are around 370g. I would lean towards a BLX in your case.
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    Best Racquet for Penetrating Slices

    KPS88 makes some nice slices for me - penetrating as well as floating... :)
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    Switch from Wilson Pro Staff Classic Jim Courier??

    My friend has been playing with the PS6.6 for the longest time and he really liked the KPS88 as a replacement. It will feel a bit more head heavy though compared to the PS6.6. The other logical choice would be the BLX90 - bigger head.
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    Wilson kps 88 string tension?

    56/54 for all syn. gut, 52/50 for poly/syn. gut hybrid but still experimenting
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    KPS 88 vs tour 90

    I have both the KPS88 (US version) and the K90 (Asian version) and also the original PS85 (both US and Asian versions). Your assessment about the K90 being "easier to move around but not as much plow through" vs the KPS88 is true but I think you can get it to behave like the KPS88 by applying...
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    why is Fed missed in a final.

    Can't disagree, tennis is becoming a boring sport "to watch". It happened when the last of the serve-and-volleyers disappeared. Playing tennis is the fun part for me.