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    Appalachian State!!!!!!!!

    Most of my friends who graduated this past year went to App State and they sent me pictures from some of the parties. They went crazy in Boone.
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    1. DIII doesn't offer scholarships. There are some stacked DII teams out there and some not so great DII teams out there. It all depends on how hard you work to get noticed. 2.Play as many USTA tournaments as possible. At bigger tourneys you'll get college scouts, equipment reps, etc. looking...
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    Favorite Song

    And I Love It- Jeezy White Girl- USDA Purple- Project Pat Blunt To My Lips- Project Pat Too much Three 6 Mafia to write out Any N'Sync
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    how many rackets do yall have

    I have 6 Head LiquidMetal Radical MP's that I've been playing for well over two years.
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    Roddicks Grip in Rome, and others

    I've done the same thing. Athletic tape wrapped around the finishing tape and a little of the throat. I did it after I saw that Safin had it done but it really serves no purpose.
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    what do you drive?

    It's not really pimping, tt's more off-road ready, and the Alpine audio system doesn't have two huge subs in the back...just clear sound. Rims are 18 inch bullet holes...not 24 inch TIS.
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    what do you drive?

    '03 Nissan Xterra but it's far from stock, so... -K&N Cold Air Intake -Gibson exaust -MT Rims -Alpine audio/video -Custom leather and paint -headrest TV's -XBox 360 and DirectTV/Internet
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    do you come on this forum everyday?

    No. This is my first time back in 7 months.
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    Tennis second most expensive sports?

    Duke has not just screwed up their program...but the face of LAX in general. I live near Durham...and its really messed up down here.
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    Pro's grip size

    Babolat grips run with overgrip Nadal's probably translates into a 3/8.
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    Tennis second most expensive sports?

    Lacrosse is killer. Helmet, gloves, arm guards, shoulder pads, shafts, heads, stringing kits, cleats. That bill is around $2,000. And LAX equipment tends to break when you get hit.
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    what about brilliant young players who are members of tw speak up for your selfs

    Wow. I thought I was doing good at 4.5 at 16.
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    Anyone here play golf too

    Fuzz, why does it bother you so much that he started this thread? Trying to up your post count I suppose. Take it easy. Who cares?
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    Anyone here play golf too

    I play golf every other day at my home course. I have a 4 handicap...although I hardly ever play to it. My set includes: Ping G2 Driver (10 degree loft, 360cc) Callaway Big Bertha Fairway woods (3 wood, 5 wood) Callaway Heavenwood Hybrids (2,3,4) Nike Slingshot OSS irons 5-PW Titleist...
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    Who`s your favorite basketball team?

    Albany gave you guys a game, eh? Weird tournament this year.