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    GOAT threads, Level of Play and accomplishments

    A fantastic post and absolutely spot on. There is a further aspect to this. Suppose another weightlifter came along and lifted 800 lbs in three consecutive competitions and was then injured and had to retire. Would this person be considered greater than A B or C. We have numerous examples of...
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    Is there a female GOAT? Court, Graf, Navratilova and Seles.

    Broadly yes. There's little doubt in my mind that these four lay well ahead of others with one exception I would add Chris Evert to the list. I believe there is a gap between the standard played by these 5 women at their relative peaks in singles tennis and the rest of the pack. I am not...
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    Who's the greater player of the two: Sampras vs Laver?

    Oh I feel a bit riduculed. It's not really my equation it is Professor Arpad Elo's equation and is used extensively in games with two opponents. I wasn't really presenting it as a definitive solution. As stated above it's as valid as an opinion, it just put's a number on it. I didn't say it...
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    At this point in time where would you rate Serena Williams among the great

    Personally I would rate her at number 6. Above her I would put Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graff, Monica Seles, Margaret Court and Chris Evert. Unfortunately I don't know much about the pre WWII players. Just curious what other people think. Tim
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    Who's the greater player of the two: Sampras vs Laver?

    It's just an Elo rating that I use to calculate a players performance with a couple of minor amendments. It doesn't real measure performance it measures results. You can find an explanation on Wikipedia at It's not perfect and there are flaws...
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    Is the Grand Slam Easier or Harder Now?

    Interesting question and there is a lot of discussion about surfaces. I would just like to say I agree with 'droliver' the quality of players also plays a part. With this element in mind I would say the standard in the mens game is so high now amongst the top handful of players that I would...
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    Who's the greater player of the two: Sampras vs Laver?

    Based on peak Elo Rating, which I believe is a good measure of performance, I would have to go with Rod Laver. Rod Laver 2776 Pete Sampras 2757 NB The Elo ratings calculated here include an additional weighting to balance era's by the relative strength of players and for ratings to decline due...
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    Weakest player and career out of Myskina, Majoli, Wozniacki, Schiavone, Kvitova

    Based on peak Elo Rating, which I believe is a good measure of performance, I would have to go with Caroline Wozniacki for both. Caroline Wozniacki 2609 Petra Kvitová 2626 Samantha Stosur 2644 Francesca Schiavone 2651 Anastasia Myskina 2670 Iva Majoli 2689 Tim
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    At their best, who would win?

    My money would be on Federer and Navratilova
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    Laver #2

    The problem with this kind of list is first you must define what greatest means. e.g. highest aggregate achievement, standard at peak playing power, contribution to the game etc. Greatest just as it stands doesn't mean anything at all. As for those who dismiss the validity of a list like this...
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    Martina (167), Chris (154), Graf (107)...Serena (44)

    I dont rate players on aggregate numbers of titles won or even aggregate numbers of majors won. I do evaluate on peak playing standard. Having disagreed on evaluation methodology I do agree that Serena is still short of the greats of the game. I would put her 6th behind Navratilova, Graf...
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    Fed Fans - Are we done now or do we need more ?

    I evaluate all tennis players by their peak playing standards so if he adds a few more titles to his tally it is largely irrelevant to me as he is unlikely to surpass the peak rating he achieved of 2797 which he clocked after the australian open of 2010. He is currently clocking 2762.
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    Clijsters, Capriati, Pierce, Mauresmo, Davenport, Sharapova, Hingis

    Hi Those of you that know me will know that I tend not to evaluate players performance by aggregate achievement as i believe this penalises player disproportionately whos’ careers have been cut short for none tennis based reasons. E.g. Maureen Connolly. I suppose you could say that this...
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    Greatest Footwork of All Time!

    What about Fred Astair?
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    The Poll of the 7 women major winners

    There was a poll before between Goolagong and Bueno. Got me to thinking who would win if we expanded the selection to incude Henin and Venus Williams. You all know the ratings I calculate which are similar to ELO but with some added value The peak ratings achieved respectively were...