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    Will Delpo ever get rid of k-factor

    No wonder I don't see Del Potro smashing his racquets.
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    Long Live The 1 Hand Backhand: Tommy Haas

    103 mph backhand from Gassy. Incredible
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    Is Tommy Hass basically a Federer who was prone to injury?

    Never really looked much at Hoss until this tournament. He's really playing incredibly good all-court tennis and it's a joy to see because almost everybody is a baseliner these days.
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    Way to go Tommy Haas!

    Haas playing the first decent all-court tennis I've seen in a pro play in years.
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    New Babolat logo?

    I think the logo is all right but on the strings it looks terrible. The two-stripe stencil was simple and excellent. Now you can barely see it.
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    AO 2013 SF: Djokovic [1] vs. Ferrer [4]

    I'm a big Ferrer fan (because he's my size) but this is embarrassing and ridiculous.
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    Why is nobody talking about Jack Sock?

    erm, no, you just rarely see two sets go 1-6, 6-1. Imagine a grand slam match going: 6-1, 1-6, 6-1, 1-6, 7-6 That would be pretty weird. Usually if you totally dominate a guy in the first set you don't get totally dominated in the next set.
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    Stepanek O___O

    I'm not sure if that was a true hindrance though. Really, the ump can tell you how to stand now? To me a hindrance is a noise or perhaps movement in the face of an opponent when both are at the net or something like that. Lack of movement is now a hindrance? I don't buy it. In other news...
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    Congrats to Heather Watson on winning her 1st WTA title!

    Isn't there a New Guernsey on the east coast of the US?
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    Doping in Tennis in Everywhere - Noah

    There's rampant doping in ALL professional sports. Always has been, always will be. When there's that much money and fame on the line, you betcha there will be. There are only those who get caught and those who don't.
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    Why is nobody talking about Jack Sock?

    Glad to hear it. Kind of an odd score though.
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    Rafael Nadal: ´This injury will extend my career ´

    Nope, that's actually how he speaks, even in Spanish.
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    Doug Adler, the absolute worst...

    I like him, so there.
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    Which loss is worse

    This is my favorite point from the Rosol/Nadal match: Rosol basically said "Watch this, I'm going to destroy your forehand with my backhand." Amazing point, utterly demoralized Nadal. If there was any hope of Nadal coming back by then, that...