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    Coach's forum

    The above is an example of a lesson plan. Encompassing that will be a block plan. Followed by a unit plan. With teaching objectives in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective/social realms. A unit plan is catered to a specific age group and class for usually exactly one season and its...
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    Coach's forum

    Tips and Instruction have a very different connotation to it. Similar to the quick fix frame-by-frame pages of the tennis magazine, Tip and Instruction provide a "picture" and clinic for the optimal modern stroke or strategy. It also is the locality for people SEEKING TO GET BETTER AT THE GAME...
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    Going from 3.5 to 5.5/6.0 in 2 years?

    The original post's author is not the only one with seeming pipe-dreams. Countless boys who frequent these forums wonder the same thing. Countless people from outside the forum wonder the same thing. We are all so eager to give them the "realistic" side. Does going from a 3.5 to 5.5 in two...
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    Coach's forum

    I have a suggestion. That is, to create a completely new forum about drills, different age groups - elementary, juniors, high school level, college level, over 32, over 60, all male, all female, etc. Even complete lesson plans. We all know about kindergarten games like "snake" and "jail", and...
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    the mid atlantic chapter thread you started is at 1143 pages now?? holeesheesh

    the mid atlantic chapter thread you started is at 1143 pages now?? holeesheesh
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    Aussie Golf Legend Greg Norman slams Kyrgios and Tomic.

    Why would he care for any brother who takes every opportunity to condemn everything his family stands for? To say they place the nation's dreams on their shoulders is a misstatement. Bad behavior from one child in a classroom warrants a stern message of disapproval from voices in power. Apathy...
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    Why Rafa is so great on clay.....

    A very heady and giggly-girl manner of presentation, no? I have one very serious counterargument to the claim of him being the greatest in current history on clay. And it is a very serious allegation for which I do not have the malice nor patience to find concrete support for. But Rafael Nadal...
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    I'm a professional tennis player. Ask me anything!

    Hi Jason, I am an aspiring pro. just as you have won Futures and are trying to get into the Main Draw of the Slams, I'm trying to get past the qualies of Futures. My main questions are about the Arizona pro scene, because I am moving to Tucson from Maryland by end of this year. Any info about...
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    What do you think of this teaching technique?

    I think the coaching methodology is pretty common. Why is he making you do such a drill when your bh feels wrong? Because teaching the kinesiology behind an optimum backhand stroke is incredibly hard and he does not want to attempt it. Instead he's making you hit ball after ball in hope that...
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    I just played against a 5.0

    How big was he physique wise?
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    Sharapova ends relationship with Prince

    Nah they'll say sharapova, kournikova and maybe serena coz everyone talks about serena shoving a ball down the ballboys throat.
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    Best backhand out of these??

    Nalby? Lol what's the topic even mean?
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    1H BH + 2H BH Combination?

    Wow. So many saying its okay? I'm disagreeing with everyone then. Their contact points in relation to body position is so different, eventually your 1 hander topspin is gonna suffer and you'll just settle for the 2 hander.
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    Potentially harmful to play with players below your level?

    Oh totally. Nothing wrong with it at all, in fact its brilliant! I'm too lazy to do what you do coz I'm a social player